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Benito run

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Benito run is a simple game where you have to run home across the street dodging zombies.

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the wall sensing is terrible. it is impossible to get past some zombies on the right, animation is shoddy at best, and overall a pretty boring game.

Not terrible.

The game itself was not very good. It was poorly animated and seemed way to simple. There was not much of a backgrounds and the game was just way to easy to. At least you got three lives and the controls were pretty good they were not to stiff or to loose. The idea is fine but could use more obstacles or maybe levels or something to make it a more interesting game. Though a fine start you are off to.

not bad. but....

there needs to be something to it, and the zombies don't really look like zombies at all. try adding some upgrades here and there, and maybe more levels, and a gun in his hand. oh, and i would also work on the spelling, but over all, it isn't so bad...

RAFAELpn responds:

thanks, im not good for programinng thats why its so simple but also thanks for playing and i invite you to watch my movies ;)

this should stay it is awesome

this is awesome

Sweet. ^_^

The graphics are simplistic, but this game reminds me of NES' Road Fighter for some reason. Not bad!