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Vexation 2

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PATCH NOTES: Version 1.2

- Crouch controls altered so the 'down' button doesn't stand you back up.
- You will now get crushed when in between two blocks.
- Act 4: Stage 7 has been made larger due to many complaints.
- Some tutorial levels have been slightly altered also.

These will be in place in the next 24h once NG has verified it.

Thank you for the reviews so far. You have been awesome. So keep 'em coming so I can further enhance the experience for everyone.
EDIT: Wooo first front page! Thank you Newgrounds. Please let me extend this offer to everyone and please look on my profile for my future projects. Thanks guys :D


EDIT 2: It appears many players are experiencing further problems with Google Chrome. Please don't complain to me, just switch browser if you wish to play. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Here it is, Vexation 2, re-uploaded and rid of many more bugs! Now Google Chrome players can play I thought it's only fair it gets the justice (and reviews and ratings) it deserves... Enjoy!

CAUTION: There is a high risk of you smashing up your computer while playing! Can you handle the frustration?

Vexation is back for another 64 stages of utter brutality upon the poor stickman who you play as. However, this time around, our old friend has a few tricks up his sleeve to aid him through these hard times. Now not only can he just run and jump around, he can hang to ledges, swing around poles, jump from wall to wall and also front flip just to look cool.

Also, now there is a purpose to complete Gold on all acts. The reason is Gold Rewards which are awarded to those who deserve it. Each act has a Gold Reward attached to it which can be used by falling below the button on the menu. Don't get your hopes up for them to help you progress however because while they are enabled, you can get nowhere!

Enjoy the game without smashing up your computer: That's a challenge!

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its just like vex and i like it

nice game i liked it

I just glitched up and got 6 stars, and than i said I WANNA RATE, and than i rated. XD, Yep, i found some secrets. In Stage 1, Act 1, go to the left and corner flip to the edge. now go down slowly and then fall. don't worry, you won't die. you will land on a hefty delay to a secret area thanking all of us and his family.

And in Act 2 - Stage 6, Land on the first green block, let it move to the end and jump to the wall, press up then press right fast and it will glitch out and get you up. now just get to the edge and fall. tada!


This game kicked my ass, big time. Like, super bad. It started to get to me toward the end, because the frustration started to build up and cloud my ability.

Which is exactly what you went for, so well done, sir.

I can describe this game in short as tough but fair.
Because this game has amazing difficulty the game starts out slow and works its way up to OMGWTF THIS IS HARD!!! The controls are exactly type you want in a game like this tight easy to control perfect.
Tl;dr Game is great difficulty growth awesome controls superb

AmazingAdam4 responds:

Brilliant, glad you've enjoyed playing. Thanks for the review dude.