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what does Peter Pan at night, when his girlfriend's little fairy returned to her home in a tree

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lol ...

i also agree with merck3. the target needs to be the whole farrie not just their head. i did enjoy the game.

peter ppin

this (pater pan) was a very Good Game i enjoyed the graphics especialy the pteer pan facial expresion very Good

the fairys are ver ynice too but they are no match for petter pan. he is extrmely talented and knows what he's doing (Piter Pem)

anyway i hope u make a sequel; because i cant' wait to play wiht peter pab again >:)))))



ps how to get past lvl 2???? the farys just keep flying past peteetr and i cant seem to get my Money ($) Shot quite right!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz post a walkthough thanks!!!

Pretty much the same

Highly agree with Merck3. If you're going to make an adult game, it can't be all cum and glitter. Needs some thought out programing. This is just ridiculously difficult when it really shouldn't be.


I don't care about the strange sexual nature of the flash, but there was only one specific spot that you could hit the fairy and that target was very small. The shots are slow and i found it hard to lead them in order for the fairy to hit them. I don't like either how the shots taper off speed and direction at some critical height. In all, slow paced, hard to hit the targets or even lead them and it definitely needs more tweaking.