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Soccer Word Search

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Author Comments

After submitting "Internet Word Search" long time ago I received good hintings that I tried to implement in this new soccer themed version. I'm not (yet? :D) a full time game developer so I developed this game in my free time, I hope to give you some minute of relax and challenge with this word search game :), thanks for the eventual suggestions and thanks anyway for have played it, hope you enjoy!

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Great work. ^_^

It isn't everyday that you see word search games on NG, so there's something different. Great job! It's easy to play, fun to listen to and great to kill time.

My only pickle is that the word 'Football' on Easy Mode' cannot be highlighted (something goes wrong with it).

Brolyweb responds:

Hi TroisNyxEtienne, first of all thanks for the nice words :)
Second, your problem with the "Football" word is strange, I tried to play it and it worked fine...you had problem selecting it / the game didn't give it as "found" or with highlighting only ?

nice and relaxing

my only real issues are that the locations of the words didnt seem to change places between attempts, and the fact that the letterboxes are green

im red/green colorblind so i had a really, really hard time seeing the letters. you might wanna add an option to change the color of the letters, or the boxes

pretty good and a nice relaxing game otherwise

Brolyweb responds:

Hello Doctrine-Dark, first of all thanks for the hint about the colors, onestly I didn't thought to a problem like colorblindess, you suggested a good point!

Can I ask you wich could be a good color combination for help you to better view letters ?

About the words location, they should be random placed (and selected) every time, so it's strange you had always the same position/set :/, let me know if trying again the problem persist, you're the first people that report "don't changing" words :/

Not bad at all, 8/10

The word search uses a proper algorithim, that is to say that Its not the same letter grid each time.
As a novice programmer I have no idea how you managed it, but it works really well without error or noticeable pattern.