Creepy Ranger TD

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Author Comments

an unique Halloween theme tower defense game

just enjoy my game!!!

My nyan cat fever game got massive downrating in 1 day, so for all my game fans, please help me to vote on this game http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/577504

some player have an issue on mouse map scroll, now i disabled the mouse cursor position for map scroll, please only use WASD or ARROW KEY to scroll the map, but wait for several hour for admin to approve the update file,thanks



I hardly ever post reviews and consider myself an average gamer, but I made the top ten for all time on this game on at least two of the maps. My achievement garners a review.

The game itself was rather slow even during fast forward. I do have an older machine but couldn't help wishing there were a couple more clicks on that fast forward button. I read most of the comments below and was mostly unimpressed with the cry for originality. This is what the gaming industry has become; play, rinse, repeat. You had a great product and are using it until it is no longer usable. If it isn't broke why try to change it? I digress. The game works well and the bugs that people complained about have clearly been fixed. The music is a bit repetitive, but you have the mute button. I love TD games, well really anything strategy, and although I discovered many ways to complete the waves; one key holed itself as the winner. So much so that I got up from my computer and walked away. That kind of bothered me, because I lost interest in succeeding. Five minutes of setup followed by waiting for 20 while the level completes itself is a bit overboard. As a developer it should bother you that you don't need a customer to play the game. I found a couple of glitches. PM me to avoid spoiling it. All in all a 3.5 for Creepy Ranger. Good as far as I am concerned, total play time about 5 hours. Thanks.

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Hey Lemke89 did you not move your mouse from the bottom of the screen. Bit hard for you to work out.

Thought so.

Easy, But fun.

It was fun and amusing, but a little easy. I coasted form wave 15 on.

then 2 hours gone by...

i'm a very big fan of Tower Defense games. I never get tired of them so i know when i find a good one.
Unfortunatly, this game ( though very good and addictive ) will not get my full stars for 2 reason.
First, the concept is good and all. But there's very few explanations and only those who play TD a lot (like me) will quickly get the hang of it. I'm not saying it's not good, in fact i loved it. It's just that i feel as if it is not meant for "newbies" (even though the difficulty is rather low)
Second, randomness is good. But too much is not funny. In a game i got all the accessory once. in the next, i got 6 of the same. then 3 of one, 5 of a second. Yes i do like the effect+ or the added bonuses, but i dont want the same stuff in all my towers. It cost me a life once (but nobody care hahaha). For perfectionnists like me this is kinda infuriating. Again, not a bad thing, but it could be better. just saying.

Music is a tad repetitive but it fits well with the game. Nothing else to say about that.

Could use a bit of work.

Medals are glitched. i got two of the three secret medals and 1 gold medal but they dont show at all. I dont know how to fix this, just thought i'd tell you.

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Though it's a fun game....

It's really just Mushroom Tower Defense: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /481618

I understand that authors remake games with a new theme.... But you're not the original author of Mushroom TD, so I hope you got permission before taking an original idea, layout and graphics, changed the theme and passed it as your own work.

It's a good game, but far from "unique."

fortunacus responds:

im the author mushroom TD

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Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2011
6:12 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense