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Spectromancer: Gamer Pack

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New Updates on 6 Sep, 2011:
A. Added campaign card customization.
B. Added achievements
C. Added more Cards.
D. Fixed many bugs.

Depending on reviews of millions of players from thousand's of gaming portals, We could able to present this fantastic Collectible Card game. You will find 100s of new creatures and magical spells during the game-play.

I don't want to say anymore.....Because I want to leave room for you in the review blocks

Your's beloved
Spectromancer Team.


Pretty good but I'd fix a few things for next time

1. Some of the cards don't make sense as to which category they are in such as Hydra being in earth and not water. Minor though.

2. Some of the four elements are too weak or strong in comparison. Earth is overpowered compared to other elements. While fire was easy to get points for, there didn't seem like all that much to spend it on unless you went chronomancer and used those extra points to cast spells in your extra turns. Water is underpowered with not a single really good monster combat wise and was the hardest to get points for. Air seems a bit limited as well.

3. I found that certain sub-elements (for lack of a better term) such as ice cards under water and lightning cards under air (both of which could be elements in themselves) were not numerous enough. I don't mind molding everything except the specialist column to just 4 elements, but I need more within that. This is especially true with ice as I can only recall two monsters and zero spells. At least lightning had a wall, possibly a titan (I couldn't tell if that was lightning or not), and a few spells. It's cool to add those in there, we just need a larger selection of them to choose from.

4. It's great how each class has different strengths and weaknesses, but the classes aren't balanced enough. Some like mad hermit and beast master were crazy good. Some like chaotic and dominater were underpowered compared to the rest. Sorcery was good but didn't have a single creature and was therefore literally all spells. By far the most overpowering was chronomancer though. Summon a chrono engine and you will most likely win. Summon two and it's practically a guarantee and they only cost 7. It'd be no fun if you nerfed the classes (especially my chrono XD), so my advice is to just bring them all up to the same level. You also may want to add a few classes, although it's hardly needed as there is already plenty of choices and variation.

5. You need a bigger selection of cards. And when adding to that selection, I would do in a way that keeps points 1-4 that I made in mind.

6. This point isn't needed, I just though it might be cool to add a separate place for spells, rather then mixing them in with monsters. That way we could have four monsters per column and a couple or even a few spells as well. Keep in mind that when adding a bigger selection, there may need to be more room for players to choose a bit more to take with them into the duel.

This is a good game, and has the potential to become something really great as it is already one of the better card games have played online. This isn't my game, so in the end it's up to you what to do with it. But I hope you take at least most of my advice. I give you 4/5 and 7 out of ten, because it's better than a 6, but just not quite an 8 in my view. Keep in mind that I'm a harsh grader who doesn't put tens on everything I kind of like or better so a 7 is really good from me.

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its way better than magic the gathering, but...

the game still needs more strategy and some rebalancing of cards and more spells


This game really got me going on and on and I wanted to try all the classes.

I believe some of them are a little unbalanced (I found Mad Hermit and Sorcerer the easiest ones, while Dominator was challenging), but the concepts are great! Akai53 (comment below mine) complained that we had to use all the elements in order to win, but I thought this was exactly what made the game more interesting. Basically you all know the four elements and then you have your specialty and you'll have to adapt to your enemy and use your cards the best way you can.

The Lord of Air is a bit overpowered (the one that troubled me the most in all gameplays), while Lord of Fire is easy as pie. Maybe you should check it yourselves, but I think depending on your starting class, Lord of Air can be a big pain.

I look foward to your next games. Good work. :D

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Concept was good.

Art was Fantastic.

Storyline was good.

But when it comes down to the actual card game.... It really sucks. Its very slow, and i don't see much strategy. I have no problem in doing a single duel against an archmage. And that's because of the card game not so much of you guys were lazy and needed do more coding and make it harder. Really the big difference in fighting against a novice mage and archmage in single duel is that archmage starts out with more points to use, not that its smarter. But i don't blame you guys for not coding it more to make the opponent smarter, its just you cant do much more with the card game. But i guess this is supposed to be a collectible card game, so....

But the thing that REALLY bothers me is that even if we choose necromancer class, or whatever class, we stall HAVE to use fire, water, air, and earth creatures and spells. I found that really dumb. It should be if we choose necromancer, we get a whole deck of necromancer related cards. And later we can win other cards from our duels and even if they are not necromancer related like maybe a fire guy we should be able to put it in our deck. Seriously, its dumb that you can choose whatever class you like, but you'll end up using fire, water, air, and earth creatures and spells a lot more then the cards you get from the class you chose. I guess what I'm trying to say is, we should not be limited on any type of card and we should start out with a full deck of cards that go along with the class we chose. If you had done that, i would have found this a lot more fun because i could have really felt like an awesome necromancer.

Because you made it that i had to use 4 creature/spell cards that were from fire, water, air, and earth i couldn't really use much of my necromancer cards, so playing the game again with a different class didn't give it much of a different feeling. So theirs really no replay value to the game. Even if you change the difficulty to very had, really not much of a challenge so still no replay value. The only thing that i found difficult was the last boss of campaign mode, i had to turn the difficulty down to normal to defeat her.

Well i still think it was good and think it has a lot of potential, so I'm going to give you a 6.

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This definatly could be put on XBLA or PSN. With more cards and campaigns I'd buy it.

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4.20 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2011
12:13 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
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