Spectromancer: Gamer Pack

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New Updates on 6 Sep, 2011:
A. Added campaign card customization.
B. Added achievements
C. Added more Cards.
D. Fixed many bugs.

Depending on reviews of millions of players from thousand's of gaming portals, We could able to present this fantastic Collectible Card game. You will find 100s of new creatures and magical spells during the game-play.

I don't want to say anymore.....Because I want to leave room for you in the review blocks

Your's beloved
Spectromancer Team.

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Oh my God. I LOVE playing as the Mad Hermit. The Crazy Squirrel and Magic Rabbit are so much fun. Thank you for making this game.

It's pretty much the same of the Gathering version, but in a worse version which makes it definitively uncool. Of course, when you unlock cards you learn to play little by little, but I haven't unlocked many such as Tornado or Goblin Berseker. If you're reading this, don't play this game. Play Spectromancer: Gathering, that you'll have all cards.

Good game.

Just love it. It's so simple in about 5 minutes you will know how to play. i really love the campaign.

I am trying out different ccg games and this one is a so-so game. Sadly there is a lot of factors that make this game poor.

You cannot really custom your deck: There are elements and you can even pick a special class to fall under. But you can only have four cards in each area which makes up a 20 card deck. If you want to go all air or all fire you cannot. Which really makes the deck poor and cannot be attached to the person.

Summoning and game play is simple: The game board is lay out for monsters only. You can only summon a monster if you have a certain amount of elemental points. So basically you summon a monster when you can with the 20 cards, no card drawing you just play with your deck. Summon what you can in places that will be the best spot. There are two ways to win, offensive and defensive. Offensive is when you put your monsters in a spot that will attack your opponent. While defensively is just summoning your monsters to block your opponents monsters. No thinking and just summon whatever you can.

Spells: Spells seem weak at best. Monsters seem better and also have their abilities.

Game itself: The coding seems simply and the buttons look bare. The scroll bar is very simple and not the normal scroll bars you normally deal with. Everything else, is just... bare...

If there were more cards than what I could find, a way to go all one element, or even a story line than it will be a game worth to play. But if you are just looking for a simple mind dulling game, this is your game.

This game has a pretty original concept. Sure every new CCG will be compared to MTG but I think a direct comparison is difficult in this case. Since Spectromancer is a lot more versatile than most other Trading Card Games it opens new perspectives.

Despite being innovative this might cause some problems as well. Balancing becomes more difficult the more complex a games gets and introducing all features while remaining simple enough to allow beginners a smooth start can be difficult to achieve in more advanced games.

However, Spectromancer is an easy to learn game that offers great in-depth strategies and combos for advanced players at the same time. Talking about balancing, everyone has a different oppinion. Obviously some cards and combos are clearly superior to others but finding those combos is what makes a good player. The overall balancing is at least satisfying in my opinion, although not all the character classes seem equally strong to me.

+ new concept
+ many different classes, each with a full set of cards
+ polished campaign mode with nice character customization

- only a limited amount of cards for the basic elements
- difficult to balance all classes to the same strength
- not all cards available for use in your deck

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4.19 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2011
12:13 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
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