Soup of the Day: #6

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Soup of the Day: #6 - Lazy Shits
Soup of the Day is a collab created at the Soup Squad, the links are in the flash video, anyone is welcome to join these collabs without being a member of the Soup Squad, just view the relevent area on the forum where the instructions are posted.
Leave a review please, they will all be responded to at some point.




You forgot to post a link to the forums tomato :0

But this very lazy indeed.... and I love the way the only collabs I've been in are this and the 1fps collab, I am one of the greatest lazy shits of them all

Little-Rena responds:

No, I posted it under the Flash section, lol.

Funny Theme To It

TacoSoup had a neat music choice as well as RamenSoup the two of you picked very interesting music selections to fit right into this flash and suited the subject nicely. The animation to TacoSoup's as well as RamenSoup's was interesting. RamenSoup had some nice quality to it as well as a great beginning music selection the Tetris Song nicely and classically played out in a somewhat lazy tune to suit the flash. CannedSoup and TomatoSoup were somewhat funny I suppose as well.

The quality of many of them needed to be improved the background of TacoSoup's could be fixed up to make a decent segment, although others such as NinjaSoup and Firesoup were just plain poor quality, short segments not to mention being unfinished. It could use much more scrip to the segments than there was.

It's a withstandable flash with some interesting quality such as RamenSoup's and alright jokes like CannedSoup but poor quality and a small replay effect overall.

-TY Reviews

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Little-Rena responds:

Well thanks for the review.

Nice Music

There, I found something nice to say about it.

Tacos one was not bad, the rest of you used the subject as an excuse to be lazy yourselves. Disappointing. I could have been funny or interesting.

I guess its bad luck for you guys that I happened to be on as I don't like this quickie collab thingys- each person tends to use the format to squeeze crammy stuff through judgment and this, I'm afraid, is no exception.

You would do to give yourselves a bit more time and go for quality.

I've seen much worse I suppose and it does all work etc.

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Little-Rena responds:

The theme was to be lazy, that was the entire point.



Little-Rena responds:


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Sep 3, 2011
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