Abditive Asylum

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You were exploring caves in the nearby area when you came upon the Abditive Asylum, you debate weather or not to go inside. Finally your curiosity gets the best of you and inside you go. Once inside you realize that it might have been hidden for a reason and now you must find a way to escape!

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Cool game! Clicking some of the areas was a bit tedious because their hit box was either too small or some things you wouldn't think would be clickable. My final score is 358740 and I found 92 orbs out of 100. Some of them were very hard to find because of how tiny they were, plus they sometimes blend too much into the background. Still the game was fun, the puzzles were pretty easy and I thought the music really fit for the atmosphere for this escape game in particular.

I can't believe I missed this one. I honestly thought I'd played them all so it was a really pleasant surprise to find this while I was replaying some of the other games. Was frustrated that I couldn't find the last two orbs but other than that, this was great.

Some scenes are rather dark for exploration. Tools and most gems are visible against their background except the white gem placed close to a book. I went there twice before I found it.

There're two easy puzzles with clear clues to solve.

Music is okay.

crowbar! the most missuse tool

oh look a locked door, crowbar! wish the player can 'really' use the crowbar.
im stuck with 3 gem and no key XD if it were me id slam the door :P , nice game btw

Nicely done. Maybe a few changes

Such as the orbs.. Are extremely hard to see sometimes. Perhaps make those a bit brighter. Often the orbs were so dull i thought they were sunspots from the real life sun not a orb.

Other than that nice little escape game =D. Where / what is this place from exactly? Looks creepy.

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4.07 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2011
3:33 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click