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Arkandian Revenant

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Author Comments

Embark on your journey as either an Arkandian or Necretian(Or even a Demon/Ascended if you've completed the previous chapter), save the world and also fill your coinpurse!
Aided by your new friend Billy, crawl down into the deepest of dungeons and recover long lost artifacts, use them to destroy your enemies personally or even equip them onto you personal army and engage in large scale tactical combat.
Or if you prefer uncover the hidden secrets of crafting and outfit your warriors with your own crafted weapons and armour while you quaff home made potions.

Revenant takes everything that made Crusade great and expands it to a whole new level. The Arkandian Legends are a series of stories that you the player live through. Achievements, skills, items and victories in one story follow you through to the next, unlocking new features and advantages as you go.
Your actions will determine the course of your adventures and the choices you make can change the very nature of the world.

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i Really like this game. It's fun , challenging, but (mostly) not unfair.
I really like the crafting system now, because you have a (small) chance even at the start to succeed the craft. And the crafted weapons are really strong to so it's really useful to craft them also getting the items to craft is also fun.
The Strategy battle are fair and with the right weapons (given if you find them) are even really easy.
Last but not least the dungeons, they can be hard and sometimes even unfair, but only if you try the hard ones (or wrong ones) out to fast.
ok i forget the leveling system its fair and balanced.
I started the game with a sword, but i got a artifact weapon that was a bow so i trained over to archer and it was easy.
This game is fun and i can only say, Play it, and make youre own mind up.

A shame the wiki is gone, there's https://web.archive.org/web/20110926014749/http://protectorworld.com:80/wiki/index.php?title=Revenant but none of the pages linked are archived. It was pretty good but has issues. I got the sword and shield for completing the previous one but couldn't play as ascended. A bad surprise was losing HP after losing, I didn't pay attention and only noticed after I died a couple of times. You got to refresh if you risk defeat in next blow, dungeon progress and items collected remain. The revenant seems pretty tough, a magic attack inflicted a lot of damage, and not being able to try over and over increasing my stats in the process makes it all the worse. I could head to the mystery dungeon to train stats and hopefully find even better equipment but it seems tedious. By the way, the Comic Relief (best headger I encountered, probably best available) was a pretty bad joke, no way I'm wearing that.
Edit: I got a bunch of major healing potions and tried again. After I refreshed I noticed some of them which I used in battle were gone. Stats are going up as well so I'm going to keep trying until my stats are high enough, refraining from using more potions, only great heal.

I love all three chapters, and your other game based off this (Pet Protector) they are really fun, the first one was more lenient with good look but revenant and explorer its hard to find good loot sometimes but it still really fun, if you don't like the hit points play explorer its probably the easiest.

I'm not sure this review will be useful; I've only played a bit of the first and this one, and you already have yet another game out in the series.

At the beginning of both games, the hit rate was rubbish. It didn't make me feel like I achieved more to overcome that, it made me feel frustrated. There is nothing wrong with starting out at somewhere in the high 80% range for all weaponry; lack of training in a weapon will rapidly result in that weapon missing.

Having the tactics upgrade in this game was amazing, as well as having secondary weapon effects. Kudos to you on that.

Movement speed in dungeons was far too slow, especially where backtracking was necessary. You could have a speed adjustment button or skill that could solve this. Item collection was also slow both after battles and from chests; a "loot all" option is standard and useful, as well as auto-looting if you have empty space from enemies.

Gear bonuses were really boring, and the one-on-one dice based hacking and slashing needs that innovative boost that the tactics system got. I noticed mind flayers had high resilience to magic this time around. A lot more variance in enemies and how they fight is needed to spice up gameplay. Also, introducing more mini-plot lines with actual plot would be nice. The tailoring and blacksmith quests and the like were nice, but would be much nicer if you had interaction with a mage or smith like in game one.

That being said, the amount of dialogue between characters needs work. You aren't a script-writer, and I really think getting some feedback or assistance in dialogue could make the game smoother and feel not as off-kilter at times.

Another thing to note would be the odd choice of statuses. A status that chips away at the maximum health seems virtually useless. Having a mana dropping status is also odd, since enemies really don't have that many useful spells (only the same set you have, really). Lots of roguelikes have really interesting statuses you could incorporate.

For magic, I wish the damaging and healing spells had a dice visibly associated with them like weapons did, so you didn't have to guess.

Better graphics could also give the game a big boost. The icons don't really fit the game in my opinion, and the background scrolling when you move from menu item to menu item is an unnecessary delay.

The wiki doesn't exist!

This review was kind of just a stream of consciousness, but hopefully I touched on a few useful points to improve upon. It's a polished game, but with its huge size comes some misses on detail and design.

There's already a 3rd Chapter, called "Arkandian Explorer." Go to Kongregate.