The hunter vs The hunted

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This is the 3rd animation i have done so far took me ages lol XD Constructive critism woud be good and some helpfull tips would be great!! Hope you guys like it enjoy :D!!!!


Song by Andy (Naildown55)
Song name:Remastered



hello, remember me?
I'm doing an animation, then look at her

and... this is awesome!!! :D

wolfky responds:

Hey thx :D


Hey wolfky!
Whooo... Nice!!!
This is amazing! Especially for your 3rd animation...
I really can get the hang on how to do stickfights... is it Frame-By-Frame?
Anyway, AMAZING!

wolfky responds:

yes it is frame by frame and im glad you liked it :D!!!


Stick men fighting with the same old style is VERY overdone here. The 'hard' music to go with it is likewise cliche. The sounds are SO familiar too. The black text on dark blue is unreadable.
It does work, but there is just no motivation to watch it. Seriously, I can't remember what happened at the end and I just saw it. Cos I didn't care

You have ability, please use it for something different. If you must do stuff like this try and give the characters personality- zzom in to faces. Have original dialogue-

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wolfky responds:

I know what you mean... but im just practicing on movment until i get the hang of it.
Dont want to let this out but what the heck XD im working on a full body animation called "Dark Dream" :) not in a while though im still practicing. Ty :D!!

half of the animation is it's sounds !

you are new in makin animation ..

so i'm gonna tell you that sounds are very interesting and important ! maybe with sounds i would have gave you higher note but it's ok , i hope when u make ur next animation , it will be with sounds !! so i'll give you 5 :D

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wolfky responds:

???? but there is sound o,O
Glad you enjoyed it :D!!! ty

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Sep 2, 2011
6:05 AM EDT