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Super Type, an arcade style typing game, delivers a quick addicting experience that everyone can enjoy. It stands out in it's stunning visual presentation, and keeps you coming back to beat your friends on the FreeWorldGroup leaderboards. Quick, clean, simple fun, and all you need is a keyboard and some fingers.


643 no problem. 90% accurate

I felt one severe problem throughout, which was most prominent on the first attempt. When a mistake is made, the next word appears right away; so the typist will try to correct the former mistakes while the previous appears. Which means that two words are missed while working on only one.

Beyond that it's a simple, enjoyable, fast typing game. One of the few games I can think of that can be played and enjoyed under a minute. The graphics used are very well done and the coding involved was pretty nice as well, as to be able to see my accuracy.

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It's good i gess.

I enjoyed it for a while, it even reminded me of the good old days when i played Mario types, but it just got a little boring after a while. Still good though.

Damn it

I keep hitting enter... maybe you should remove that from being a mistake, it's actually an instictive reaction!

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Bug "fix".

Theres a glitch when you want to restart the game,as the game doesnt recognise you typing AGAIN,but theres another way to replay the game: just press the big TRY AGAIN on the game over screen,it should restart the game for you.
Hope this helps.
8.5 (8)

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not working as intended.

Very fun game, but the way you calculate points seems to not work as intended. At times it gets stick at 10 per word, at times 7, and just repeats, sometimes fixing when the combo breaks.

(letter count) + (combo) = point per word
but instead of giving (3) + (31 [actual combo #]) it is stuck giving (3) + (4) no matter how high the combo gets.

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3.73 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2011
10:33 PM EDT
Skill - Typing