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Super Type, an arcade style typing game, delivers a quick addicting experience that everyone can enjoy. It stands out in it's stunning visual presentation, and keeps you coming back to beat your friends on the FreeWorldGroup leaderboards. Quick, clean, simple fun, and all you need is a keyboard and some fingers.



Woot beet the highscore for now!! I bet someone will beat it in like 2 hours :p

Reminds me of my computer teacher

Never letting me press back space, telling me to try again.

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super awesome

oh yeahhhh

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Evil merciless game...

No possibility to go back to your mistake... once it's done, it's done... a big distracting red slash on screen and *bam* another word to type... still distracted about the previous word *bam* new mistake... *UGH*

I still havent managed to get 100% accuracy since it's in my nature to type pretty fast but with the backspace button always by my side.

I've manged to get 936 points with a 96% accuracy (if I recall correctly)... and I KNOW I can do better, damn it.

It may be just me, but I would've prefered having the <spacebar> key to move to the next word and the <backspace> key to go back to a mistake. It doesn't seem like cheating simply because:

A) The <spacebar> is the most comonly used key in the entire keyboard, therefore it should be used in the game to train future typers

B) Giving you the chance to erase a mistake would give you the oportunity to get 100% accuracy, which would boost your score alot with the mulplier. However, this incentive would also be counter-balanced by the time it would take to go back and retype, wasting precious seconds.

It's probably just me, but I just feel uncomfortable typing a word after the next without pressing the spacebar.

Adding something more original to the classic "typing-game", however, would've been very welcome, but it's a nice polished game nonetheless.

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I really, really, like this game.
For what reason, I'm unsure of...
But, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

Plus, it's good practice for those who are typing impaired.

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3.73 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2011
10:33 PM EDT
Skill - Typing