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Sep 1, 2011 | 8:39 PM EDT

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Author Comments

My final entry for the TOFA contest. The topic was "a clean slate". Enjoy.


Edit 9/5/11: Second place in TOFA, not too shabby. Grats DaveBruno.

Edit 9/13/11: Don't do drugs kids. Drugs are bad!



Rated 0 / 5 stars

I feel like im in a pink floyd song

Because ids have to be trippin to actually enjoy this piece of crap! lol zing!

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Dear Jake Hollander

Stop using alt accounts to call people critiquing your movie "trolls", you're not fucking infallible and your opinion is not supreme. Your movie is sub par at best, regardless of the quality in the works of the people giving you critique; to belittle an opinion based on the person advocating it is pure condensed idiocy BlackTigerPro, so much in fact that it has a name; ad hominem. Just because GodRustang, Phsychopath and I'mFromMarsGetOverIt haven't produced works superior to yours doesn't mean that their opinions hold no value.

And then you also have the nerve to change your responses to GodRustang and Phsychopath to patronize them even more by telling them "don't do drugs", when Phsychopath acknowledged that you never intended to advocate drug use and that GodRustang was an idiot for bashing you for it, making it crystal fucking clear that he knew you weren't advocating drug use. His defense to GodRustang wasn't performed because he agreed with GodRustang's opinion, he defended GodRustang because he was agitated by your response to GodRustang's review, literally telling him that his opinion didn't matter, implying you believe that your's is supreme.

The point is that they showed you some extensive amounts of respect when critiquing you, and you regurgitated what they had to say by intentionally taking what they said out of context and patronized them like children.

If you're only interested in receiving praise for your schlock with no criticism, then take it to Deviant Art, not here.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dear trolls

Just shut up and be happy its a good movie -.-


Rated 2 / 5 stars


For the record, sleeping pills actually prevent you from entering a REM cycle.

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LOL @ the Trolls

Look at the trolls review lots of words no content. Jake don't worry about reviews like Phsychopath and Godrustang, two reasons. They are not critiques in anyway this I'am sure you are aware of, and second, they aren't even as capabe as you are working in animation. In my opinion your flash showed alot of abililty and your use of perspective was interesting. It didnt look like your best but he wtf ever this is newgrounds not some where that matters. And in respose to Phsychopaths advise on switching to the pencil/line tool he is an idiot your brush strokes looked fine. Rushed but again i don't get the feeling you where going for perfection with this one. All in all i'd give it a tene because I can relate both to the content of the toon and the responses of douche bag artist who arogantly think their opinion holds some weight. Cheers man don't let the trolls bring you down.