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Dream Slate

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My final entry for the TOFA contest. The topic was "a clean slate". Enjoy.


Edit 9/5/11: Second place in TOFA, not too shabby. Grats DaveBruno.

Edit 9/13/11: Don't do drugs kids. Drugs are bad!

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I'm not going to sit here and lie and say this is great, because it's not. But what do you expect from a piece that was done in 48 hours. 48 hours! That is less than two days if you take into account sleep, food, bathroom, and other chores/ human requirements.

I am not here to call people that poorly reviewed this trolls, becuase they're not; they are just people who express their opinions in a rather poor way. Yes, some of them are major assholes, take bondamf and jacob77339, who just came here to be, well, assholes. And I hope to god they read this comment, because they're assholes :)

People do not quite understand how difficult it is to animate, especially in a 48 hour time period. I would say it is rather impossible. The creators of South Park do it in roughly 4 days (I heard it on a documentary or read it somewhere, but I do know it is under week), and they have a large staff with them. While the animation was a bit choppy, Jake also went a little above and beyond wth his idea and maybe should of shot a bit lower for quality, but he did what he thought was right.

People that give low reviews are fine, I respect them for expressing themselves, but give a reason for it. How would you like it if you wrote an essay for a teacher and he/she wrote: "Wow, you are a fucking retard." "Your parents must be ashamed." "You are a waste of human flesh." "That was a piece of shit. Zing!" (I'm looking at you bandamf, you wasteful idiot. Or would you rather her/his comments mean something and help you grow, even if you get a poor grade so you can grow and get better. But you people are too stupid to realize that.


For example, Psychopath gave a lengthy review of the video. While he was kind of a jerk, it's fine because he expressed why the video was poor in his view. I believe when you comment on Newgrounds, no I know because I'm copying and pasting it, it CLEARLY STATES: "Remember, you're submitting a REVIEW for this CONTENT. This isn't a place for you to make smug jokes, post stupid nonsense, or act like a total jerk. " You see that bandamf?

Some of you, I also noticed, gave this a poor review for the blatant drug use. So my response to you guys is: really.... really? There are, oh I don't, maybe thousands of tv shows and mvoies with blatant drug use? Please correct me if I am wrong, but it's definitely up there. Some of you say there a re kids roaming on this site. Okay, that's great, who said this site is for kids? I don't believe it says anywhere kids are welcome. The site has many mature videos and many mature games, created by adults. How is the creator of this animation supposed to control who watches his videos?

So, while some of you just weren't raised to have respect, others were. And for people that don't, at least try to comment nicely with constructive criticism please. It would make Newgrounds a much nicer place; sorry if I offended you guys, it just really aggravates me that people just have no respect on this site anymore. Except for you bandamf, go fuck yourself :)

Not bad for something that almost got completed.

I don't know about you guys, but those 0-3 reviews that were left for this were extremely ostentatious and abusive. Even though there are people that deserve to be listened to, is it wrong for a creator to take a pernicious, knee-jerk, poorly thought out review with a grain of salt? First of all, giving a movie a low score due to drug use and writing a verbose tirade on the dangers of drugs is retarded. I mean, there are thousands of drug-themed submissions on NG, and singling this very cartoon out reeks of ignorance and idiocy. Second, on the topic of ad hominem and patronizing, isn't it hypocritical of these very reviewers whose comments fit that very description of those two terms. That kind of capricious, vengeful, petty-minded shit is something I normally expect from certain self-righteous Pixar sycophants who won't be named. And to top it all off, accusing other users of being alternate accounts with no evidence to back it up makes me want to vomit. I mean, what if those people were Evil-Dog or Mindchamber? Third, what Phsychopath said about the brush tool is ignorant as well as wrong. I mean, the majority of top-tier animators use it for a variety of reasons, from having a more organic feel to easier to work with. Fourth, at least Jake did something that's original and well made for Tofa, which is very commendable. While it is rough around the edges, saying that this is "sub-par at best" without a plausible explanation is just asking for trouble. Finally, giving a cartoon a low score because of how the creator mocked a couple of smug, stupid, pretentious comments is what Celx refers to as "fucking lame, petty 13 year old shit." In other words, rate a cartoon on its merits and content instead of how creator responds to others.

Animation: To be honest, it may look choppy when compared with the rest of your stuff, but each of the drawings are solidly constructed. Plus, considering the style of this cartoon, trying to get smooth animation while on a stringent deadline would have been impossible. However, when we first see the grey figure, his forward run cycle looks like he's shuffling his legs than actually running. On the other hand, I really like your color selection that you chose for this.
Sound: It was nice of your friend Dave Shimel to make such fitting music for this piece. It's baffling that most of this site's musicians haven't taken a cue from him. Additionally, it was also a smart decision to sparsely use sound effects in this.
Content: To be honest, both you and Dave Bruno have made great work for last year's event. The direction, staging, and pace are excellent given the theme that was assigned. Plus, the story around that theme was well-written and very creative. In other words, you depicted the creator's struggle quite nicely.

The Good:
-Nice colors
-Excellent direction and pace
-Nice music
-Solid layouts

The not-so-good:
-The animation could have been a bit better.

Overall: I hate having to rant and rave over some idiotic asshole's hubris, but it was going to happen. Here's a nine for having a respectable cartoon. (4.5/5)

How did u not win :( this is incredible!

Not to bad

it wasen't all that it was cracked up to be but still not to shabby

Not the best i ahve seen

it should say: Dream Slate, a drug induced Finger-bang Experience.

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2011
8:39 PM EDT

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