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S4, or Space Shooter Sans Storyline, is a simple, increasingly fast-paced space shooter that relies on upgrades and multiple attempts to allow the player to win. The game is easy to pick up, but surviving til the end with the fewest attempts possible separates players from winners.

Controls: Move with Arrow Keys, Shoot with SPACE (Or autofire), Fire Bombs with "B"

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Ugh, glitches abound, not to mention imbalances. Tried to restart the game and I had two spaceships on screen, not to mention all my previous laser upgrades on that ship. It turned into a game impossible to lose. Asteroids sometimes became invincible (which now confirms that the aliens in Narcolyxii becoming invincible was in fact glitchy behavior and not intended) and even when they were shot down and destroyed entirely they did not disappear. I think I now see why you don't have many more games beyond this. You need someone to playtest your games before you release them. It's that simple.