The Jersey Situation

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Abdominal Bruiser 5 Points

You destroyed his abs

Man Boobs 5 Points

His ribs are showing bro!

Guido Bully 10 Points

You Knocked him out

Appealing Face 25 Points

At least his face looks better now

Guido King 25 Points

You won the fight!

Timely Manner 25 Points

You won the game rather quickly

Untouchable 100 Points

Not a scratch on your face

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

*Medals work now!

This is a game where two guidos get in a fight over a sexy lady on the beach. You play as the guido with the headband and face off against Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. I'm a huge fan of Jersey Shore. Sometimes i GTL.

BLOCK = spacebar
Mouse click = punch
Mouse click held/release = charged punch
Q = toggle quality


Decent work.

But definitely not my favorite submission on Newgrounds.

The gameplay was pretty good, the controls worked nicely, and the characters looked alright. I also really liked that you incorporated achievements into this submission, and placed cutscenes between the 3 different rounds.

Friendly suggestions:
- Everyone loves achievements but these all seem really simple, and there are very few to get
- Cool fighting sequences and all, but I really would have liked a couple more controls (Click, hold, release, spacebar x 100 got kinda boring :( )
- The character designs were decent, but definitely not the best I've seen

Overall this game is okay, but needs a few more things imo.
Great Effort!
~Dj Sonik

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Not too much replay value

Okay, now that I've beaten the other guido the game doesn't seem to offer that much replay value. I mean, the game is fun to play. The graphics are nice and the controls work fine. But the setup only works for one or two games before I get bored of it.

Also, the block button doesn't seem to work after the cutscenes, I always got punched once before I could block again.

Also, what the hell is Jersey Shore? ^^

{ Review Request Club }

YoinK responds:

according to your medals earned... you didn't even perform a super punch. Hold your mouse button and release for super punch abilities. There's replay value if you haven't earned all the medals. Jersey Shore is a reality show on MTV.


great game, if there were cheats some body please tell me r jusy peple r atallian? well i was just saying that becuse some peploe say wen they wach jersey soure they say there all 100% atallian

YoinK responds:

um.. snooki isn't italian at all.. she is Chillian.


Great game. I love the punchout inspiration. However, the untouchable achievement is a pain because the block button seems to have a delay after the cut scenes.

YoinK responds:

hmm.. not sure why it's doing that to you... it works fine for me.. my computer has 2 GB RAM.

Great fight game !

Great game , fun and it's fairly challenging . The voices were kind of annoying and I wish you could skip the cutscenes because they get sickening after the first playthrough but overall it's a decent game ! Good work !

YoinK responds:

you can Press "S" to skip the first cutscene. The other cutscenes factor into the Timely Manner medal.. so i can't really have a skip option for those. but glad you liked it.

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2011
1:39 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS