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Phantasm Pinball

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OMG - It's popular cult 70s horror Phantasm in Pinball form ! Game features include
plus loads of bugs no doubt. Will fix those as they come in...

Made to celebrate the 'Night of the Bloody Pint' monster-all-nighter at the Roxy Bar & Screen, London, UK on the 10th September organised by uber-film-team Filmbar70 !

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in terms of "bugs"? the bumpers by the flippers don't seem to do anything? what... why's the coffin there? also, when I had unlocked multi-ball, and I had to rapidly flip the flippers, its really wonky cuz double-pushing the flipper just keeps it up? other than that I love this! (oh, but as a personal preference - I found the moving of the camera to mess with my focus. when I play real tables I just focus on the bottom half of the table a LOT, only look at the top of the table when the ball is really bumping off of bumpers or on a second-level built-in mini game)

oh man I love this movie. I feel like this could be a whole series of games: The exorcist pinball, the ring pinball, etc

Five stars BOOOOOY!

Good stuff. Just found this. Is there any way to win?

hamtyler responds:

originally there WAS going to be a second table you accessed through the hyper-gate - taking you to the Tall Guy's dimension - but I ran out of time ! Will go back to this though in some form soon i hope !

Although the graphics are somewhat lackling

...they have an original style all thier own. You have truly gotten the jist of pinball. been playing since 74. Keep improving because you have great potential.

hamtyler responds:

thanks ! I spent so much time coding the table I really didn't give myself a day to give the table a polish art-wise.

Now the code is done, I hope to spend 95% of the dev time on the next table drawing a much fancier board! more flashing lights too !