The Shape of Love

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EDIT: I have won the Tournament of Flash Animators here on Newgrounds thanks to this piece! Thanks everyone who liked it, I'm happy to warm all of your hearts :)

WARNING! This Movie is very graphically intense! If you have an older computer, please click the link on the Preloader to be directed to a Youtube Version of the movie that should run better on your computer. If the links don't work just by clicking them, RIGHT CLICK them and select "Open in a New Window".

This is my entry for the 2011 Tournament of Flash Animators (TOFA) Final Round. We had 4 weeks to animate to the theme "A Clean Slate". I want to give a BIG shout out to my music man, Allen Cruz thanks for the great soundtrack!

This was a really satisfying and fun animation to make! I can confidently say that I am proud of the work I created here and wholly plan on using alot of it in my latest Demo Reel, which is one of the main reasons I joined TOFA this year anyway. Looking back on all the rounds prior to this, I can honestly say my skills have vastly improved at Flash. Compare "Totaled", last year's Final Round entry, to this one and you'll see a definite increase in my skill, and this is something that, even if I don't win TOFA, I can deem as a win. The characters were extremely fun to work with, them being simple blob characters that do these crazy actions. If you didn't catch it, the "clean slate" was the characters themselves, starting off extremely simple and then adding all these crazy things, until finally going back to a clean slate again.

I'm glad I was able to figure out how to do the reflections, as I feel they are a big part of the message. He is not looking at himself, but the images beyond the reflections (like the Advertisements and such.) and he's not realizing what a mess he is making of himself, being too focused on making himself what the media deems "attractive" (until it obviously spirals out of control to the point of hilarity.)

The main motivation and reference for this piece is thanks to my girlfriend. The girl (Blobette as I like to call her.) resembles her (as much as a blob can) and acts just like her. Her ability to make me feel great about myself when I'm feeling down is truly astounding. For this I thank you babe :). But this isn't just for her, its for anyone who has that special someone that, no matter what has you down, they have that special and amazing power to make you feel great again.

All in all, TOFA has been very rewarding this year (and even more so if I actually win it!) and I hope this latest entry made you giggle and saw "Awwww". This has been Dave Bruno for the Newgrounds Tournament of Flash Animators 2011, I'll catch ya later.


Touched my heart.

It really did. It just show's that a good girl don't really care for how you look on the outside but instead focus on the inside. Also it's a really cute video ^-^

I know I'm in the minority...

.... but something just doesn't sit right with me about this Flash. I understand what the point of it is, the moral of the story, etc. But the fact is (and yes, I know I am being overly analytical when I point this out) the main driving impetus behind his transformations as pertains to self-image just doesn't stand up past the first transformation. It makes sense that he would want to become the muscle man - because the advertisement and, seemingly, general consensus is that those kinds of guys attract the ladies. So there is a REASON for him to take on the muscular look. However, then he goes on to adopt the mantis appendages of the toy, and even airplane details - even though his girlfriend (originally the only reason he was making a transformation - to impress her) indicates to him that this is not what she wants. So, where I originally identified with the desires of the character to look better for his mate, all that identification with the character was squashed into non-existence when he decided to start making himself look like an idiot by taking on the attributes of everything in sight. It doesn't make any sense. Let's say I saw a rapper, and he was getting the chicks. So, to impress my girlfriend, I buy a hoodie. She let's that slide. Then I get a couple gold chains. And then, when I express my intent to upgrade my teeth to golden replacements my girlfriend straight-up tells me that she thinks gold teeth are for jack-asses... in your Flash, the character still gets the gold teeth. I liked the animation style, and the intent of the Flash with respect to moral lesson or point, but part of me just can't get past this glaring error in the story's build-up.

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ScaredyDave responds:

I can respect that. Basically what happened in my mind was that at first yeah, he is trying to impress the girl, but after a bit of it he thinks that just adding onto himself is fun, so he lets the fun of it blind him from what he was originally intending to do. Kind of like someone who has a hobby that their mate disagrees with. Its like, yeah ok, its a little cute that you have a few collectible trains, but when it gets to the point that you're making entire replica cities with working trains and subway systems in your basement then its a problem. Thats the way I viewed it, and I'm glad you shared your opinion. You didnt really "point anything out", its more like you described the plot lol, the way you viewed it was just differently, and thats important to me because chances are you aren't the only one who viewed it like this.


Just Aww...

so damn cute!

on the point. loved it! <3


Only if we have more contributors who are as creative and poses the vision to carry out there ideas like you.

Grade AAA+ stuff

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