Extreme Hipster Sim

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Good Tastes 10 Points

Get 5,000 music sense

Hipster Money 10 Points

Make 5,000 dollars

Nostalgic 10 Points

Acquire 300 nostalgia points

Coffee of Doom 25 Points

Reach 6,000 hipness

Hipster in a bookstore 25 Points

Reach 150 intelligence

How Ironic 25 Points

Obtain 300 irony

HP UP 50 Points

Become the best hipster you can be!

Space Hipster 50 Points

You finally made it into space!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

In this game you play as a hipster who has only one goal in life, board a rocket ship and be the first person to chill in space where nothing is mainstream. But to get there you need to raise your stats. HP, Money, Intelligence, Hipness, Irony, Music Sense, and Nostalgia are the stats you can raise. Once they are high enough you will be able to fly into space.

I made this game in a few days while recovering from surgery and when I was done I was like, "hey, I should have mr konni do some art for it" so I asked him to.
He said yes.

So thanks to Konstantin Löwe for doing the menu/ending art and for doing the music, it turned out super awesome. You should definitely check out his site (holykonni.co m) and see his awesome art and music.

Also thanks to the people who tested it - turtleco, darkmagewizard3, SevenSeize, Tycrane and Addict. You guys are on my list of people on newgrounds that aren't losers.


i only played this because it's the beta

a bit monotonous and long for a point-n-click game, but amusing nonetheless

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Dreams can be realized through Discipline .

The Astronaut Hipster in the story taught me to work hard to reach dreams.

Heres the idea of my Hipster's stats Below:

Extreme Hipster Sim

My Stats:
Hipness -21,135
Music Sense- 5148
Day - 100


$2500 money
100 hp
100 inteligence
2,500 Hipness
200 Irony
2,500 Music Sense
135 nostalgia
Forgot to tell about the 100 days? ** Hp increases every 10 days

Graphics are decent (retro )
Music is decent
Stats based on the info above can tell you the achievement data is not a fixed requisite then you can conclude that in order to travel to space just boost the stats so high to get the medal achievements as best you can and Happy travel at day 100 !

I would give this submission 9/10 and 4/5 .

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overall not worth spending time on it

the graphic ain't nothing special
the music is crappy
and you don't know what kind of stats you need - just high stats

LOL and having fun

Such hipster douchery. You don't know where hipsters work because they don't work.

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This game is the kind of game I want to play!

I loved the point-and-click RPG that you created, the character creation makes me happy :)

Also, I'm always trying to smoke and drink when I play games, so the fact that shit wasn't flying at me constantly was great :) I try to play other games with medals and its always fast-paced and skill-based, but I'm not good at those games...

This game reminded me a lot of my favorite parts of most Sim RPG games without the tedious character running around animations..

Good job, Zorse!

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Magical-Zorse responds:

Thanks, senmetsu.

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3.74 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2011
1:14 AM EDT
Simulation - Other