Lion & Giraffe

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My first flash submission! Featuring the talented DruoxtheShredder as Giraffe and Lion.

I was browsing through the audio portal looking for a skit to practice my animation with and chose to use DruoxtheShredder's "Giraffe Attack."Since it came out so cute looking I decided to post it here. :3 This was drawn using my mouse which was a little difficult and time consuming but I think it came out pretty cute.

Enjoy. :)

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Hey Lion

"I suggest you pick it up sometime."

"That's stupid."

God, did I have a nice chuckle over that.


Oh boy!

My idea came to life! I think that you've got great potential to make some great animations, you can draw pretty well. A lot better than me, that's for sure, and with more practice I think you can have a very stylized style for your animations!

I think it was a good recreation of the audio, not bad for just having my audio to work from too!

Thanks for making this.

And Mirak is wrong, annoying characters aren't over-rated. They're a stand-by that will be used for all time. It's a form of comedic writing for an ending like the one I wrote. Every production has them, and you just have to live with it. What more is there to a production if there isn't a character you don't like? There's no involvement of the viewer, no "man, I hope the lion kicks his ass." factor. It's an important part of the writing process for comedies. Especially shorts.

Regardless, it was pretty good! I hopw to see more work from you soon!

Queen0fHearts responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was great practice, I actually drew it all using my mouse which made it a little more difficult but I think it came out cute. :3

I like the Lion

I like the way you draw even you need more practice, it's like in baby books (in a good way).
The end comes too early I think, you should spend more time
on your ideas before making your movie.

Queen0fHearts responds:

Thank you, yes I made them look 'cute' on purpose so the lion could change and look more fierce at the end. This was actually animated to a very short voice skit made by DruoxtheShredder which is why it is so short. Thanks for the feedback.

This was cute.

You still need some more practice with your drawing hand, but it's a very decent work of art.

Annoying characters are a bit overrated, try exploring scenarios not thought of before, you have what's needed to create something great, you just have to squeeze your creative juice out.

Queen0fHearts responds:

Thank you for the feedback. I actually drew this using my mouse which made it a little more difficult but I think it came out cute. I agree that annoying characters are used often but I don't think they are overated. Like Druox said, it makes you WANT the lion to kick giraffe's butt.

Very enjoyable!

It didn't have much of a story, but it what did happen was hilarious. The animation was also great, reminds me of older animations from over a decade ago. But it flowed well and everything was very recognizable.

It has to go into my favorites!

Queen0fHearts responds:

Aw thank you! Yes I was going for a 'cute' look, which I think the lion came out especially adorable! lol

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Sep 1, 2011
1:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Original