HP8: The Inevitable End

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Harry Potter is at it again! This time with a more deadly weapon.

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Its a good attempt, but I think that there is definite room for improvement. Maybe try a new storyline or flash animator. I have to say, a 3.5 is generous, but I am sure that this has potential. Good attempt, I definetley laughrd like mad the first time I watched it :3


i expected something better

WaAAAYYYYY too slow.

Your rirle screen is far too slow. I got bored after the first 15 seconds of it. Your "movie" started out with a very loud beep noise. Annoying to say the least. It also seemed to have no real plot, the action was painfully slow, and the whole thing moved like pond water. Your music was decent but the sound fx were slow and off. There was no dialouge or text at all. Nothing to go off of at all. Very boring and uninteresting all around. Painfully slow for a flash that should take like 15-30 seconds. Took a full 2 minutes to hit the credits. Sprite Flash is generally limiting in some of the stuff that can be done with it... but it is only limited by your imagination really.

Again you must try Padawon. The Learning you must have... hrumm hrumm hrummmmm.

Celvan responds:

Thanks, I'll try to make this better