Premie Petey #10

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Watch in wonder as Premie Petey pilots an extreme extremity administering airborne abortions to Bulimic Butterflies!


In an era where everyone not only post their opinions, but also thinks their opinions are superior to others, it's not hard to hate social medias. And while I dislike interacting with people online, I do feel that I should do a review for at least one of your cartoons, especially as I’m a fan of your works, for years.

And of all of your animations, I’ve found this one (along with EGOT) as my favorite.

It's rare to see an artist so dedicated to the craft of flash animation as you. It's even more surprising that you not only still produce cartoons, but you do it the same way you did 10 years ago.

Some would call it lack of progression, but I feel that for you, it's not necessarily the tools that are important, but the story, and message that you try to convey.

Your works provoke thinking, as they point out hypocrisies, criticize shallowness, and stupidity of our culture, as well as lack of any real moral values in our society. The bulimic butterflies (representing damaged beauty, but also vanity) committing an act of abortion, is a very symbolic, but telling scene. Your choice of stylizing your animations after classic cartoons shows a certain hint of dark humor, and self-awareness to some of your over-the-top ideas.

This cartoon belongs to the endangered species of pure art.

Also, I love the song. It has a very sad, haunting and beautiful melody.

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ApocalypseCartoons responds:

Gosh. Thank you very much. I'm almost lost for words. I'm really happy you appreciate my silliness on such a deep level. The animation in these have to stay at a certain level of simplicity, because the scripts I write are always so damn long. By myself, animating a single episode can sometimes almost a year. But it is the writing that I enjoy most. Coming up with some crazy idea that no one has ever seen before. That's fun. Really glad you like it too. Thanks again.

ummm..... wow?!?!?

I have to give this a decent rating for no other reason than the sheer stamina and dedication evidenced by the creator. Not only did they come up with such an apparently drug-fueled concept, but to have spent all that time and energy in birthing it, rather than letting it miscarry is somewhat awe-inspiring.

Don't do it again though....

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

thank you. whenever i think of something horrible, i feel it's my duty to share it with the world.

a summary

I will now capture the essence of this creation with a shot poem:


ApocalypseCartoons responds:

that's exactly what it sounded like while i was making this

Pretty funny XD

I like it.

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

it likes you


that was f***ing random xD

great job :D although ..

-1 point for some of the graphics
and -1 point for some voices being REALY unclear.

otherwise this woulda been 10/10 all the way :D

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ApocalypseCartoons responds:

thank you. and the graphics couldn't have been much better as the program was already straining under the weight of it all. and flash always ruins sound, which is more noticeable when you're trying to follow a story. this was my first toon with my new, expensive microphone. i should get bonus points for all that, and for conceiving and producing a six and a half minute tale so crazy and original, you can't think of anything even similar. and doing almost completely by myself. and another point added for all the abundant and awesome alliteration.

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3.28 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2011
3:25 PM EDT
Comedy - Original