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Well, yet again we bring you a game of skill and gore. In Feed Us you are a killer piranha ready to devour everyone that crosses your path. The more you eat and accumulate blood the more you can upgrade your piranha and your piranha army! Get sharper teeth, bigger fins and stronger scales to create even more havoc. It will be a bloody mess ... have fun.

Try to eat as much flesh as possible and upgrade your devoted army of blood thirsty piranhas!

Game controls: Use the mouse to control your piranhas.


nom nom nom

great game man

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Feeding Frenzy

My one gripe is that it could be a little bit longer, but aside from that, this sated my appetite with lots of bloody-good entertainment.

I hope there's a sequel with something similar, like sharks, or some other nasty predatory animal.

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nice game

Shark: Nah.. im not going to eat all these helpless people who cant swim, instead I will try to kill the fish and its friends who sunk their boat!

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good game

but i have a question why cant i get over 35 lbs?

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This game will make you sick in the head...Me like

So many things could be improved with this game.
The limit as to how many seeds you can have. (By nature, I don't think the limit is 21.)
Cheats could have been made into easter eggs.
Awards could have been made into unlockable achevements.
And of course data could have been saved.
And the animation of the fish swimming could have been better as well as indicating whether or not you got too close to the motorboat motors. (Flashing to indicate damage.) Fish should only swim upside down if they are dead. And turning around could look more fluid. (See some of those fishing shows for and idea as to how fishy makes a turn around.)
But how this game did not get tied in with a certain 3D movie that came out this summer is an outright travesty.
Of course, even if this game was associated with PIRANHA 3D, the women in this game would look so much better and their be some full frontal nudity or at least plenty of boobs.
Despite all of these flaws, the game does well. Although, instead of sharks, there would likely be alligators and some of the humans in this game would be on to the fact that their is a school of hungry man-eating fish in the water. (Humans armed with shotguns and maybe a black guy who looks like Ving Rhames would scream "PIRANAHAAAAAAA!!!!")
It would have also been awesome if the shark would eat some of the humans or if the piranahas were able to nibble on the back end of the sharks after dodging the business end of the shark.
Reguardless, this game has a bright future as an iPhone/Android app.

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2011
11:47 AM EDT
Skill - Collect
  • Daily 2nd Place September 1, 2011
  • Weekly 4th Place September 7, 2011