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"Snail Away"

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So yeah, I just managed to fail my 2nd year at university (boo) but have thankfully been given the chance to catch up over summer (yay) due to the reason I failed was because of a badly broken ankle requiring some pretty serious surgery. Then not long after I finished up in hospital with deep cut to me right hand, damaging the nerves FOREVER (shit) and requiring bandaging for quite a while. Shortly followed by breaking my right hand up pretty seriously, again requiring surgery and plates. As you can imagine, neither injuries are ideal for an Graphic Arts student and left me out of action for a fuck load of hours, which lead to a fuck load of work not being completed. Still not completely healed but screw it, I'm not waiting another year to progress.

On a brighter note - I've been given three animation briefs to complete over with the themes; anticipation, preparation and resolution. I'm allowed to continue with my studies provided these animations are completed by the end of summer. The only limitation was the animation had to be bang on 30 seconds.

Here we have my first submission on the subject of anticipation. Not having strict guidelines allowed me to be pretty liberal with the content and how it fits with the theme - and this is what I finished up with. The second animation (preparation) is currently a WIP and will be uploaded soonish.

TL;DR - Hope you enjoy! :)


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After coming back from watching all three. I will say i enjoyed them. when reading your description... I have to say I would not have given you high marks were i your professor, The anticipation part had a resolution, the preperation doesn't feel to fill that theme at all and the resolution clip folows the flow of snail away... i guess what i am saying is they are better seperatly probably because not a one of them focuses on any one piece of the asignment. they all have anticipation, preperation, and resolution to them that i can see. Which makes me curious what grade you got for them. if i were grading yes it would have been high enough to pass, but only just.

all three are great

i just watched all three of your shorts and i must say keep it up it is good


Now this was quite the interesting flash series.
I've already seen the other two, my favorite's the one will the skateboard.
I sure hope we'll get to see some new flashes by brandsanity in the near future.

lool ^^

the rocket landed in japan XD


its the logo of rocketsnail games

brandsanity responds:

Wow, I'd never heard even heard of that!