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Ball-with-hair-and-hat Clock under goes a process of revitalization.

www. clockcrew .cc

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cool, short.

still, what's a tardis?
looked more of a phone booth stalll-here.

uhh good, just needs to be longer. 5--

The Tardis doesn't fall.

It materializes. Neg points for not using the Tardis sound. Neg points for not using the Dr Who music. (Tom Baker FTW!)

While he was standing there with the sillouettes in the background, I realized something...

Robclock sure is shaped oddly like Strawberryclock.

RobertClock responds:

Series 5, Episode 1- The Eleventh Hour: The TARDIS falls from the sky.

The music cue used is from 'Every Planet, Every Star', and it is in fact Doctor Who music. http://bit.ly/o5zfWg

and your opinion on the shape relation of a human head to a strawberry is entirely inconsequential.

ok then...

I would be stupid if i gave this more than 3, and here's why:

No.1- Boring, there just isn't enough here to stimulate an audience for any reasonable amount of time
Because: rather uneventful, no one is going to care that much about this if it has no entertainment value, just because it is for a new clock crew member doesn't make it exempt from popular opinion.
Why: well, its all to do with the content, there is no audio other than the whistle where there could be a loop to keep the audience caring until the end of the flash. there is a lack of action and plot, those are the critical ingredients for most entertainment mediums.

there wont be a No.2 as there isn't much i can say because of the sheer length and content level, but with it's purpose in mind i'd still rate as low as i did.

look at this other flash submission, it has a slightly similar plot so just watch what is done differently (just ignore the profanity)
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /422812
now looking back, there is more that can be done with this submission, like with the music and action.

one thing i want to point out for the crushing sound effect is that it didn't quite fit in, if you have seen any of joe cartoons stuff you will notice he uses some of his SFX in several of his movies. BUT they fit well with the 'atmosphere' he is trying to create.
just consider that as it could be applied to features in your future uploads.

there is potential here, it would be a shame to waste it.


p.s. i was never really a fan of the clock crew.
I also understand that this is not a serious submission as such, i am merely saying what could be done with it

RobertClock responds:

"just because it is for a new clock crew member doesn't make it exempt from popular opinion"

Boy, I have been in the Clock Crew for 5 years.

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2011
7:48 PM EDT

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