Belly Rage Punch

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My second ever flash animation. First one won't be posted here. This is really just another test flash. I want to start doing more detailed work sometime soon in the future. I'm still learning, though.

This was inspired by my very own stomach ache which must have been inspired by my cup of wonderful coffee that day. Of course I didn't punch it good bye.

Backgrounds were made in SAI and Photoshop.
Ayce Manik is my OC and belongs to me.

More from me: http://maniacalartist.dev iantart.com/


Ha ha....oh wow!

Nice counversation between you and your stomach )))
I find the such confused stories are funny )
Nice work and animation.
BTW liked your clothes :3

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ManiacalArtist responds:

Why thank you! I wish I had all of Ayce's fashion...

A Great "Punch..." Line

I find that the short flashes are sometimes more entertaining. Especially when your focusing on a simple bit of humor. I'm sure the smart thing to do when you have hunger pains is punch yourself.

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ManiacalArtist responds:

Hahahaha! Thanks I agree!


Had me LOL!

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ManiacalArtist responds:

Thanks, I'm glad!

good animation

very good animation, kind of dull/lame though, not to be mean or anything. interesting idea though.

ManiacalArtist responds:

Ah, it's okay! Thanks for watching and reviewing, though!

Is your body defying your will?

Is it doing things like pain, stupid, or just plain broken?
Just rage punch the afflicted area and you will have a very painful mark on your body...

Though honestly I do puch myself where my internal organs are being stupid. When my hart stops beating or my lung starts to hurt from breathing I just punch it and it shuts up...how am I alive?

ManiacalArtist responds:

Hahahahah!!! xD

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3.51 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2011
12:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Original