Captain Spectacular

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EDIT: Daily first and front page again! Thanks guys! I was worried for a bit that it may not have lived up to the work I put in, so it's a relief to know you all enjoy it! Also, a quick note, even if I don't respond to many comments, I read all of them and consider all suggestions, and any simple ones I'll make an effort to fix.

OH MY GOD, I am so glad this is finally done. This is my first cartoon to use some new animation methods I learned, so it took FOREVER. I think it was worth it, though. The animation is smoother, the art is cleaner, and in the end, this WILL end up helping me work faster. For all the work I put in, it does seem just a tad short to me, but it was a fantastic learning experience. I hope you all find it to be...spectacular.

Also, I'd like to give a special thanks to Jazza for lending his voice and helping me a couple of times when I got stuck! :)


Q: What is that anatomical structure attached to his chin?

A: I don't know. It has been speculated that it may be a biological straw for drinking coffee while yelling at people.

Q: Why does he hate Fernando?

A: It's intentionally irrational.

Q: Why does he hate the little pudgy guy in the red suit?

A: Why don't you?


front page?

Lots of plot relevant fresh material punched in one after the other and well directed, good animation, a little confusing sometimes. Why does he hate fernando and the guy in red? Main character is kind of like american dad, might need to be careful with that.

WhiteLightning responds:

The hatred of Fernando is supposed to be irrational, kind like the Michael/Toby relationship on the Office :) The guy in red...well, if YOU don't hate him, I didn't do my job properly. Also, I've never seen American Dad.

only had to look at who made this to know its good

i love your humour it so funny and this is so well done cant wait to see the next things you make that fable experience was a awesome series and its great to see you know how to be funny and make good movies

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Seriously well done!

The animation is smooth and well drawn, the music is epic, the voices are awesome and the humour is genuinely funny. Hope to see more of your work!

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aw its over!

get some mechanics on that

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Thumbs ups!

Funny, and well animate!

" I don't know what I'm typing!" hahhaha!

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4.43 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2011
11:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Original