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I'm in a video game design class, and we haven't started Flash yet, so I spent two days learning Actionscript 2, and made this platformer. I plan on extending upon it in the future, such as adding extra features and fixing it so you don't automatically relocate on top of an obstacle if you touch a side of it.

After this little tutorial/simulation that you play through, there will be a storyline and you will have to navigate through areas, mostly urban/city locations. I will also add levels where you play as a sniper and the running stickman. You would protect the stickman by shooting enemies and shooting objects to have them be placed to the runner's advantage.

I have a lot of plans for this game, but I still need to learn.

Please don't blam this :)

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Really nice for a first game! Keep on the good work! :)

I beat it in 4.5 seconds... Great game keep it up!

beat the game by holding shift and the right arrow key!

Can't finish tutorial

Controls didn't work properly - when you holding shift, you actually can't jump right. But when you're running left - everything is ok.

Not terrible

My suggestions:
- Convert to AS3
- Fix choppy collision detection
- Wider view (rather than just telling the player "there is a gap over there". I like to see said gap)
- Work on animations
- Spacebar also jumps? (I died a few times because of hitting the spacebar instead of up arrow)