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Extremeliest Catch

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Fishing just got a lot more extremelier.

Extremeliest Rap @ Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=SkIIqjuVxOo


i loved it

i was great game and it was very funny

i love it

haha i loved the king crab part lol. great game and you could improve it but it's ok for me

love music

i got the music on my mind more then the game way to go

Very Good.

Room for improvement, still good tho.


A competent game that does what it can and earned some time on the front page.

I will say though that since it has very little substance, I'd recommend a few very subtle changes that I think would improve the experience.

1. Persistent blood splatters. When you kill something, it would be interesting for it to leave behind a faint bloodstain where all that blood flew everywhere. Hopefully won't be to difficult.

2. A jump as well as allowing you to move around the rest of the ship. W or up should very well allow you tho jump considering the type of game this is. Also it would be really interesting to be able to clamp to the top of the mast, or at least along the rest of the boat.

3. A skip button. A really would like to skip some of those longer cutscenes on repeat playthroughs.

4. Having a separate health bar for the ship, and the ability to hide in the captain's cabin. With this game's sense of humor, it would be amusing to hide in there as the ship's health ticks down and your crew mate yells, "Captain, get out there and Fight! Uh, captain? Captain? Hello?"

Maybe take a look at these and play around with them in your spare time?

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3.37 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2011
7:31 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun