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25 of them! 5 Points

Destroy 25 meteors!

Bum Meteor Shot! 5 Points

Shoot 100 bullets!

Epic Fail 5 Points

Just die!

Just One 5 Points

Destroy one meteor!

Shoot Shoot Shoot 5 Points

Shoot 50 bullets

Wait Wave! 5 Points

Reach Wave 5!

A winner is you! 10 Points

Destroy 50 meteors!

Collector 10 Points

Collect 25 bullets at the same time

Credited Easter Egg 10 Points

Spot the Easter Egg!

Waaaaave 10 Points

Reach Wave 10!

Indeed you are pro. 25 Points

Reach wave 20!

Author Comments

Just a little time waster i made in one day (ok, three). Enjoy!
There should be achievements (if the cool newgrounds guy approves them :D)

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fun! :-) it serves its purpose as a time waster pretty well x-D

really bad

Yep, just like the title suggests i found it to be very sucky.

First of all, the earth/blue ball is centered down on the screen as opposed to the middle. This leads to the player having no real overview of the situation. You'll have to change the angle in order to see the incoming meteors and when you do, you better stay on the spot until you've hit them. If you don't stay on the spot, the fired shot will miss the target for some mystical reason that i can't seem to comprehend. If you wait however, there's another one incoming, and it will hit. Many times you'll see how close it is but you can't do anything about it at this point.

The shots themselves move way too slow, drain way too fast and appear on places so far away that it won't even be worth taking them many times. Then you have them divided; one giving you regular ammo, the other giving you shotgun. The thing about it however is that the shotgun really sucks since many times you'll just need to hit one enemy. And even if you don't, it's worthless because you have to stay in the spot anyway because like i said, if you change angle then the bullets vanish...
might aswell stay there, calmly aim and fire 2-3 single bullets and destroy the asteroids. Since ammo is so scarce i see no reason to get the shotgun at all.
on top of all this, you'd have the problem with running into the shotgun while rotating. The last thing you need when you're low on ammo is a crappy weapon that will drain it 3 times faster...

I'd suggest dedicating some more days if you want to create a game in the future. Maybe then it won't fail this bad...?


For one day (ok... 3 xD) of work... it's fucking awesome!. The backlight of the sprites gives something special to the game. LOVE IT!

MaTX responds:

The music is kinda special!


I had a lot for fun working this one out. Basically a retro planet defense game (reminded me of Clash N Slash - sooo not the same game). Once I worked out to stop rotating and use the center of the patch of brown approaching asteroid markers as my "up", getting past wave 10 and beyond was much easier. Really would have preferred full 360º play - but then you'd need an upgrade system (first upgrade: a HUD long range scanner!) and then the whole thing would play differently. Only gripe: needs a LAZER!!

Decent start, but a few glaring flaws

I recognize that this game was made with very little time. The basic stuff is there, and it is definitely playable. However, given what the player can do, there's a few errors that one can do "wrong" that aren't obvious.

A complaint that would immediately rise up is the confines of the camera view, in that you can't see much of the playing area where the asteroids come from. This will cause the player to move around to detect any incoming asteroids.

The freedom of movement that the player is given is a deception and detrimental however: asteroids only spawn at the top of the player's point of view. Most players jumping in the game for the first time won't realize this (me included).

What will end up happening is that asteroids will swarm the planet from all sides. A pro player will just shoot the small asteroids once, the large ones twice, then move on. This does not work, because the bullets disappear once they go off screen, and the asteroids remain. This causes an overwhelming amount of asteroids to close in, and the player can't do much about it.

Currently, the correct way to score high and live long in this game is to only move for ammo drops if they're on your side of the planet, but otherwise try to restrict your range of movement as much as possible during each wave. Shoot all asteroids down obviously.

One last thing: the ammo drops behave strangely, as if the expiration timer doesn't reset when a new drop appears.

Having said all that, you seem to have potential. Take more time to develop your projects, and get a beta tester so he/she can catch things that you as the dev may not catch, so terrible design issues like the ones I described don't happen again.

MaTX responds:

Great Feedback!
Let's start from the fact that i worked only three days on this game because it was made for a contest. I didn't improve it a lot because i'm working on my big project (Now done, it should be on ng asap).

About the out of the screen meteors forcing the player to move... well that's the gameplay! Of course it could be improved a lot! I could use arrows that points to out-screen meteors (Or other signals). Or maybe i should make the first wave easier!

And yes, meteors only spawn on the top of the screen. (Congratulations for noticing that) It was a design choice. Since you move to take ammo, you rotate the top and some meteors come from another angle, that give you the impression of 360° meteors.

Bullets disappearing off-screen? That's because there's a cap to the number of bullets currently on-screen (Maybe i should increase it)

About the ammo drops, the expiration timer is random.

If you like sheeps have a look at my other game Noah. Also that one was made in a day for a jam :D

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2011
12:19 PM EDT