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SS - Human History 5

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Aug 29, 2011 | 11:58 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 30, 2011

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Author Comments

In the conclusion to the human history story, we look at the events of Ancient Egypt, leading through to Akhenaten and his pivotal role in the Essene Brotherhood, and ultimately Jesus Christ. We also tie up some loose ends about the Mayans and what happened to the Martian Bloodline. Enjoy this 16 minute finale to Spirit Science Season 1!

-Warning - Audio Quality had to be lowered so that i could upload this one, (it's pretty freakin long), if you want to watch it in higher quality, check out the link to YouTube on the main menu :)

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Twitter: @itsjordand
Facebook: tscience

Here's an awesome place for Spirit Science Discussion!

Essene Brotherhood
http://www.essenespirit.c om/who.html

Morals and Dogma - Albert Pike
http://www.sacred-texts.c om/mas/md/index.htm


The Lords Prayer Sacred Geometry

Keylontic Sciences
http://www.azuritepress.c tic_science.html

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (Free PDF's)

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean m/emerald.html



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good story, open to interpretation

Well, here we are! The "end" of the Human History epic! I have to say, I've enjoyed it quite thoroughly as a theory/story. While I don't buy into all of it (reasonably enough) I like what you are doing here. For all the raging critics that this sort of thing stirs up (spoiler: TehDDC is a martian descendant (that's a joke just so it's absolutely clear)) I believe that this is done pretty well, considering how biased most of the population is to spiritualism and/or science. Really, the best part of this series is the fact that most "critics" are so against: the controversy. Regardless of the reaction of any given individual, this series inspires a sort of thoughtstorm that makes people just a little bit wiser!
So yeah, in the end, I'm doing as Jordan has recommended, taking everything with a grain of salt, contemplating the content while I sit back and watch the haters, trolls, believers, and adherents twirl about in a frenzied dance of inspiring positivity. To me this is what the series is all about.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

captivating as usual

For those who lash out violently in a rage;
what Jordan does is resume a theory that many people spent their life working on. in this sense, it's a "take it or leave it" kind of deal. If you don't like the content you have no reason to adhere to it, if you appreciate and even believe these theories, it is all up to you to pursue them.

To me these stories spice up a reality that may seem void of any new interests. During the 18th century we had the new world to discover, in the 21st we are given the perspective of an all new universe to discover, through our consciousnesses. and now, as then, there are doubters and that is perfectly OK, one is still entitled to his opinion after all. But no need to get angry.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


How can people not understand this term (which was a the end), THIS IS A THEORY. Try making that sign a little bit more obvious


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

this message is for TehDDC

i understand y u r upset...and no i don't fully believe in what jordan is saying.
however u need 2 look at this with more positive light......what this man does its more like a religion kind of thing.....and just like any other religion u have 2 have some one who starts it......and flower's......the way i c it this man was looking for answers couldn't find any so he gave us what he thinks is the truth witch is(i think)what every religion does.

just because u don't believe in it doesn't even began 2 give u the right 2 discredit him or the many who take this as truth.
u might respond by saying i just don't want them believing the wrong thing well go tell yhat 2 any other religion and c what happens.

the fact that u said this is wrong is fine but when u said jordan is wrong and we are all stupid for believing in it then sir.....u r wrong


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I can't tell if I just wasted an hour of my life or gone through a maddeningly guilty pleasure. One one hand, your bullshit exceeds to insurmountable highs. You constantly contradict common logic, bring about baseless argument, talk way too god damn fast to fool people into not thinking about what you're saying carefully, you speak with a blind sheep-like ignorance, everything you say is wrapped up in a sense of smug superiority of "enlightenment" that makes me want to punch you in the throat, etc. etc. this review will be way too fucking long if I list every single thing wrong with your videos.

On the other hand, however, I'd be lying if I wasn't laughing my ass off throughout this fever-dream odyssey of delusions. By the time you started saying that Jesus was an inter-dimensional child of Thoth brought about by Mary and Joseph having mind-sex, my smile had widened to a state of nirvana-like proportions. I felt like I just witnessed some sort of insanity that I've never experienced before, like it was a once in a lifetime deal. Congratulations, you've somehow made the BIBLE sound less stupid than it actually is with your theories. That's no small feat.

Oh you'll respond saying "No, I have my sources! Go read the Emerald Tablets and the essays on the Flower of Life, and the Stone Tablets carrying the Ten Commandments and the Donkey Turd On My Neighbor's Front Lawn and only THEN will you understand." That's not how it works, Jordan.

You still need to present it in your own way rather than aping from other people, and the fact that the people you're aping from are even more bonkers than you is not a good sign. You also need to be coherent, especially if you want people to buy into this story that even you yourself called "outrageous". The minute you mentioned the fact that the Martians that took over Atlantis (an already far-fetched concept) were called "Hebrews", you should've felt ashamed for yourself. You simultaneously killed both science AND my spirit with only five flash videos.

But what offends me the most is not your content, but the idiots who actually buy into it. 98% of the users giving this positive scores either a.) have spelling errors, b.) only looked at the video on a surface level without even thinking about it for themselves, c.) respond with phrases like "so deep" with what I imagine to be a stoner tone of voice, or d.) all of the above.

tl;dr You're insane, you provide no concrete evidence for what amounts to mere speculation, you herd idiots like a shepherd, and you smell weird...that last one is just mere speculation, but that's your specialty, right?

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