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In the conclusion to the human history story, we look at the events of Ancient Egypt, leading through to Akhenaten and his pivotal role in the Essene Brotherhood, and ultimately Jesus Christ. We also tie up some loose ends about the Mayans and what happened to the Martian Bloodline. Enjoy this 16 minute finale to Spirit Science Season 1!

-Warning - Audio Quality had to be lowered so that i could upload this one, (it's pretty freakin long), if you want to watch it in higher quality, check out the link to YouTube on the main menu :)

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Here's an awesome place for Spirit Science Discussion!
http://occultjournal.sini sterpost.com/?page_id=145

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The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (Free PDF's)

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Somewhat disappointing

To sum up, there are way too many stench of Christianity, which as we all know the religion itself barely talks about the entire world, & religion itself was full of bullcrap written by other Christians in the later period who barely knows anything but just put it there to make Christianity looks good. Lest you forget, Christianity was so desperate to gain their followers, & they will do ANYTHING to gain more (and when I say ANYTHING I really mean ANYTHING!!!!) Humanity does not limit to 1 religion mind you. So much of these ends up related to Christianity just discredit many things as everything in this video backfires Christianity itself. Lastly, this might sounds like asking for a forgotten promise. don't you said there will be 3 men to give the world a nudge...

That's what bringing this episode down, the non-Christianity related are pretty tight, since I'd done some digging while waiting for this episode.

PS. Don't let out a major spoiler again (you did it on youtube)


So basically once again, your presumptions are based on... presumptions, as long as there are no solid credible proof?

Oh so some divine being introduced writing, NOT the collected effort of generations of improvement which, from the initial scratches and pictographs on cave walls, emerged unified means of communication?

I seem to notice a trend in your theories, they are purely based on western mythology and religious beliefs, blissfully ignorant of the diverse cultures around the rest of the world. By connecting your own unfounded theories to existing, proven facts, you make your own beliefs appear to be legit, when there are obviously no credible connection between the two.

And once again you attempt to explain the unknown with the "existence" that there is a "higher consciousness", so as to cram in the loopholes in scientific theories with what is essentially myths made up of no logic, no research, no credible background, but pure... belief, belief in that it exists so to escape the burden of unexplained phenomenons.

Martians? Demi-gods? Conspiracy theories unlike those of modern times, except you replaced notable political figures with historical figures instead? It's one thing to speculate on such things, but it's another to BELIEVE in the mumbo jumbo as some sort of great conspiracy that should be learned as TRUE HISTORY?

It's like you watched a sci-fi thriller and actually BELIEVED it, how the heck did you manage that?

Lots of people find this review helpful!


you have done your research and as usual you have stupefied me. but as you did say i will take this whit a grain of salt cause it is just a theory.

Very intreasting...

From the research ive done its really to the point on most of the topics but when it comes to the egyptions i am kinda lost on all the idea's and understanding on most of it.The immortal research actrully is really on the point but most of it is lost to man kind like u said more we live the more toxics we put in the air the less ower brain works.I am guess at this time ower brain power is only at 10% from the time we understood the meanings at the time ower brain power was at 100% maybe 80%.I do understand mostly all the things you was talking about and dont forget Martial arts comes from the understanding of inner peace but like you said most man turns most things evil cus of greed wealth and other things but anywho love what you done keep up the good work. 5/5 10/10

Nice ending.

I'd like to know you dude.

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