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Ok so this is a radical departure from our usual pixel-art style retro games. We decided to dive head-first into the casual end of the pool, and this is what fell out with a sickly splatting kind of sound.

Apologies if you were expecting Cat Astro Phi 2 or something. But we still think it's a nice little quirky and quaint number. And hey, you get to explode chicks. With bubble gum. To a Russian-esque soundtrack. You don't get to say that too often (except perhaps on Newgrounds).

Oh and for anyone who thought we meant "chicks" as in the kind with boobs, sorry again :)

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I saw this in 2012 on the publisher's clearinghouse website, they had a deal where you get entries for their impossible sweepstakes that you are even more unlikely to win than the lottery where you get extra entries for playing stupid games and this was one of the less stupid ones. Their regular games were terrible but this one is adequate. I didn't imagine that the creator of Cat Astro Phi was the same one who made it, but the weird thing is that Cat Astro Phi was in 2010, this says 2011, and yet going back to Cat Astro Phi the logo of the creator is the bird seen here and there's an animation of the birds being stuck in goop in the opening animation for the "loading" screen in the fake gameboy. So I guess you probably made this game earlier and just didn't put it here.

Definitely not as good as CAP, you would have done better to make a sequel to that I think. It's kind of disturbing that the progress thing in the upper left shows a happy looking bird when they've all apparently effectively been stuck in glue traps and doomed to a sticky end. Are the birds suicidal? Kind of reminds me of the animated muffin that wants someone to eat it and kill it in the asdf movie series. Because that's what you're doing, you know. This isn't a game about FEEDING birds or anything sissy like that. This is about covering them in some sort of self-replicating pink goo. Are they birds like the guys in Karoshi Suicide Salaryman? And goo with intelligence and malicious intent apparently, since it knows to inflate itself to the same size as the original bubble they came from, so they it must have a memory, it must be sentient. Is that not scary as fuck? How is that not scary, despite trying to present this game as all cute and stuff? Perhaps I am not supposed to overthink these things.

It's not a great game, but it's short, and too short to make me too impatient with it. I don't want to "ace" all the levels, some of them really are easy to do that with, others there's just no way to make the bubbles propagate well enough to infect them all so I don't think it is feasible at all to do it with all of them. A surprise there are no medals since it came after CAP, I would have thought you'd make achievements if you already knew how to do that. Somehow I got the medals for completing levels 2 and 3 of CAP in 2010 yet not the one for completing 1 (which shouldn't even be possible) so I went back and got that yesterday (that looks weird, some completed in 2010, and the earlier ones completed in 2016 - maybe I'll go for the win-in-20-minutes one but that might take some practice).

well that was fun


awesome game here is a joke birdwatcher :Ahh what a nice day for watchin birds aint it Joe? Joe: Yes its a perfect day for watchin birds. birdwatcher:Whats that on the tiny yellow birds???! Joe: It seems to be pink!! birdwatcher: BUBBLEGUM!!!!!!! newsperson:Wow there seems to be an invisible bubblegum blower in the area who is CLEARLY trying to blow up the birds with visble bubblegum. random citiezen: AHH RUN FOR YOUR LIVES EVERYONE THERES A RANDOM INVSIBLE GUY WHO WANTS TO KILL ALL AMERICANS AND THE DUDE IS OSAMA BIN LADEN EVERYBODY RUN AROUND IN RANDOM DIRECTIONS FOR NO APPARENT REASON!!!!! moral NEVER use invisble spray and an unlimted suppley of gum. Hope yall like ma joke peeps!!!

Edit: Hello PhotonStorm. It is I, dargoon in the future. I would just like to thank you for blowing my 8 year old mind.

Very amusing

I wish this was a downloadable app.

Fast and Fun

Cute, fun, and it ends before it feels like work.