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some words for those who still can read and still can change something:

We all have a dream. We can call it understanding of truth or connection with god or accord to the Great order- it doesn't really matter. And we all are trying to match it in some way.
Sometimes there are powerfull advisers coming to guide us.
Here comes a really BIG question: will you follow the authority or follow your heart?
Yes, this movie is full of picture and sound symbols, yes, it's about loneliness in modern society, yes it is about keeping nature clear and returning to Great harmony, yes it's about technocracy and global addiction to technologies, and about religion...
Tell me, what do you see here, how do you understand this animation.

Music: Kasim Keto <Thank you very much>
Visual and sounds: Ace0fredspades
Additional sounds: freesound.org
2nd daily! Thank you all, people! And thank you very much for your long reviews!
+Edia uh-gain+
Allright- "underdog of the week", I've just read what does that means.
Ok, that award clearly separated those who can watch, think and express their opinion from those, who can just watch.
Anyway award is award, thank you very much for interesting reviews and if you have questions on what did I really mean creating this- write me a PM.


Build from ones own.

This animation had a good point from what I could deduce form it. The way I read the message is that: Don't allow others"showmanship" achieve your goals for you, but use your dedicated mind to accomplish said goal of peace.

I really enjoyed this animation. It had a nice peaceful feeling to it and despite my rough interpretation of the message behind the animation, I think overall you have to look beyond the animation it self and at how you react to it since your reaction differs from others.

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So much meaning. So much to process.

But all I want to take from this is our need to get back to the simple life. So I went back and played Chrono Trigger.

Short review?
Damn right.

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Ironic message

Considering the fact that you animated it on a computer and posted it on the internet. Trolololol

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Incredible execution!

Animation was great, the style was unique, and the most important thing, the message, was delivered in such a great way. Definitely follow what you want to follow, as it's your path, not the path of others.

Wonderful work of art!

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from the book of enoch to the bible codes

I cant find peace of mind in a universal truth.

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Aug 28, 2011
5:44 AM EDT
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