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By now you're wondering, "Wow! What talent! Amazing! Sensational! This man should work for (Insert Animation Company Here)!" If you didn't, I not surprised. Because I'M the only one wondering that.
What you see before you is ME(yes, me), as a cartoon, chasing a remote that has the mind bending powers to make me transform into any character I want. I just wanted to see if I could animate several different art styles as a challenge. This was more for practice.
This is the short Newgrounds version of my video. I plan on releasing more footage and more character designs. That's where you come in:

Below, post any character or art style you want me to transform into. I'll make a post on whether the style's been already placed in the movie or not. Send this to your friend and family! Spread the word and give me ideas. I want ideas from the fans! These will be used in the final version. Use your imagination, such as an art style from:
-TV Show
-Video Game
-Particular Artist
-Or you're own style...maybe...

Characters used in this video belong to:
-The Brothers Chaps
-Butch Hardman
-Niko Anesti
-Matt Wilson
-Bryan Lee O'Mailley
-Trey Parker and Matt Stone
-Gigi D' Agostino
-Clone High
-The Japanese
-Craig McCracken
-Edd Gould

Want the music? Here it is: https://8bc.org/members/S ievert/

Don't worry. If I don't respond to your review, it doesn't mean I didn't read and appreciate it. I've read them all...twice!

Please enjoy and try not to hate me!
Mike Southmoor

EDIT: Before you guys say this is the most unoriginal idea JUST because I'm drawing characters from TV shows/flash cartoons, I must point out that I incorporated some of MY designs into this so that it balances out.



Simply Awesome

Outstanding work with different styles!
Just love the way all those looks kinda yell out the show from where they come from , but at the same time, retain the soul of the initial character.
should be 11/10 =O

Great job!

You truly have talent, I'm honestly impressed! I know that doesn't sound like much, but I've been on newgrounds for about 7 years. I'm very difficult to impress nowadays, mainly because nearly 90% of the submissions being accepted into newbgrounds are substandard. Yet, I digress. I actually wanted to put forward a few cartoons you could try, and do a little critique. As mentioned prior, here are the cartoons:

Ed, Edd, & Eddy
Family Guy
American Dad

Now then, with those ideas thrown out there, I truly think you have the talent to be a professional. The music was phenominal, and went perfectly with the cartoon itself, you did each style incredibly. I really can't wait for the extended version, and in all honesty, I loved it. i recognized at least half of the cartoons those art styles came from!

That was pootesticle awesome!

This is honestly, catchy as fuck.
I salute you.

The 8 bit part was the best, I was like oh yeah this is the shit.

Pretty sweet!

Ummm... you can always do a female version of yourself :3 or a 3D animated one. I enjoy drawing cartoons as well and I might create a design for you. Good luck!

Loved the video. I watched the PPG when I was little and using that animation style made me smile a little.

Great work

What gaming mascot hasn't he been? Something out of a Sonic game? Yes, thats a suggestion

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Aug 28, 2011
12:53 AM EDT
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