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20 levels of epicness!
Newgrounds scoreboards! (Can you get the top spot?)
Colorful graphics!
Addicting gameplay!

ARROWS or WASD to move/jump
P to pause
+/- to control volume
0 to mute

I hope you love it! Please go gentle, this is my first solo game. Actually, come to think of it, this is my first ActionScript 3.0 game.

Yes, you CAN beat every level! All of them are possible, some are just hard.


Needs better design

Difficulty is too low at the start, but suddenly ramps up to the point where it loses all skill elements and ends up playing up to luck instead, such as the level with just one block to jump on over a spike pit. It required a perfect jump to do, probably with only a frame or two of leeway.

People like their games challenging, but when it gets to the point of blind luck over skill, you're starting to go wrong.

Also, you ask any gamer; in very rare exceptions, no one likes to HAVE to die to progress. Many levels featured a drop over a spike pit with only one or two blocks below to catch them, and to land on them, you must have already known where they were, meaning more likely than not you'll die on the way down at least once.

Oh, and while I'm complaining, lower the speed of the game a little. It gets a little crazy in levels like The Fall. Couldn't tell if you did or not, but you might want to put a cap on falling speed to ensure it's not entirely trial and error.

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The hell

"No, you CAN'T beat every level!Some of them are impossible,some are just easy."
I died more than 150 times in just one level
and still going

its fun!

but to damn easy!make a seqel that is harder plese!

Great platformer

The game itself is great, but it just gets a little repetitive after a while. maybe add some new obstacles or even moving platforms. and also the level remember me seems a little impossible to me.

Simple, but works.

The gameplay consists only of making a colorful little man jump between blocks, but the game's extremely simplicity is exactly what makes it work. The physics work quite smoothly, and the music is very uplifting. There's even a function that pauses the game when you click outside of it, which is very thoughtful and adds to the game's charm.

This is a perfect example of how sometimes less can actually be more.

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2.75 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2011
10:52 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other