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20 levels of epicness!
Newgrounds scoreboards! (Can you get the top spot?)
Colorful graphics!
Addicting gameplay!

ARROWS or WASD to move/jump
P to pause
+/- to control volume
0 to mute

I hope you love it! Please go gentle, this is my first solo game. Actually, come to think of it, this is my first ActionScript 3.0 game.

Yes, you CAN beat every level! All of them are possible, some are just hard.


D'Awww, a grammar nazi, cute.

Anyway, I liked this game. It has beautiful graphics and a fun and catchy tune. It was just the gameplay and lack of content that gets it a low score from me.

The levels "Remember me?" and "Just one" were very poorly made levels when considering the laggy jump that sometimes just doesn't work, mixed in with pixel-perfect jumps. A challenging game is fun, but adding levels that some users will find impossible no matter how many times they try? Not fun. Game breakingly not fun.

As for what you could add? Power-ups are an obvious choice, such as; Higher jumping (limited time use?), flying, speed boost, ghost wall-walking, immortallity. How they could be implememnted into the game is obviously your choice.

And a story? A story would be good. Why is RAINBOWMAN jumping through increasingly deadly cave systems to reach a chamber door? Is it his hobby? Does he get a big buzz of it?

And how about some puzzle elements and collectables? :)

As for Herukel calling "Remember Me? "ridiculoud"? If you really have such a low IQ that you can't understand a mispelt word and need everyone to use Sp3ll Ch3CKS, then I feel much pity for you, DelishusCake.


good game

Remember Me?

While the level is beatable, the game goes from fast pace run and jump right into this level with requires pretty much perfect timing to get past it. For future games you might want to think about levels like this. From reading other reviews I'm sure to get a snarky comment on how it's my fault I didn't enjoy this aspect of the game.

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Don't play

Leap's of faith take all the ability away, and the "Remember me?" level is just ridiculoud. I'm giving a 3 because the titles were sometimes entertaining and it has a little nice music.

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lime-light responds:

Thats the first time I've heard a level described as 'ridiculoud'. If you're going to give me a bad review, at least run spell-check on it.

all right

something i can place a top score on, number one all time 18 deaths
good job with the game needs more levels maybe different music

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2.75 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2011
10:52 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other