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Infest your enemies and use their skills to complete the levels in this puzzle platformer.


- Arrow keys to move

- Up arrow key or 'Z' to jump

- While controlling the infestor, move close to a human and press 'X' to take control of him. 'X' is also used for other characters abilities for example to fire the guards weapons.

- While in control of a human press 'C' to release yourself from him.

- 'R' resets the level if you get stuck.


Very good

Very good game and It takes 45 min to finish the game.

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Good, but not quite "great".

In terms of platformers, this is a pretty solid game. The best aspect of the game was simple and crisp controls that made this a really easy game to pick up.

Although, while I like the incorporation of the info-signs that pop-up as you walk by them, I don't think it was necessary to have included all of them. God forbid the player have to guess and explore how some of the different humans behaved, you know? For example, it was very apparent that with the inclusion of both the "overseer" and a locked door that anyone would go, "You know, I bet if I infest this new dude, he'll get me through this new game element.

One of the main demerits of the game kind of goes along with this in that the puzzles weren't very difficult. Having access to what seemed like only one to two humans at a time caused me not to have to think at all, as my options to go about a level were limited. In other words, having access to multiple humans at any given time would make the player have to think about the best or only possible solution to the level.

The other areas that I felt could've used help are essentially just icing on the cake: music/ level appearance could've changed every five to ten levels to give the player a better sense of progress & suspense. Furthermore, adding a "boss battle" or a "boss level" wouldn't hurt, as it seems like a lot of people felt the game was repetitive.

In either case, it's a solid game, and I had fun playing it, but it just falls short of being something really spectacular. I'd be eager to play a sequel.

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Great idea, Executed well, but bad Puzzle Design

The idea is good, and the game has been executed amazingly well.
All the jumping, infecting, platforming feels really smooth and really easy to get a handle on.

There's one big problem, and it's that the Puzzles were really repetitive. I think you should have explored more with human to human interactions, and more robots as well. For example, you should have the colonists run away from the Infector when it is in plain sight OR if you infected another human in its sight range.
Also, you should have non-patrolling guards protecting certain humans, like the one that can open doors.

Anyway, still a great game.
I just feel the puzzles have more potential.

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Could not stop!!

Great idea for a game. Once I started playing I couldn't stop till the end!! Thanks

Amazing! Great idea and I love the music!

The graphics are nice and the controls are solid. Great idea and its very fun. I want to know if there is a way I can get the music! I love it!

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3.94 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2011
8:47 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle