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Path of Jio

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Jumping game with beauty graphics and achievements.

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it's okay.

the controls are stiff though, and enemy and platform placement seem a little unplanned.

Good visuals, bad gameplay

The art/animation is nice looking, the music and sound is good, and the achievements are a plus. Stars are detracted for the fact that the actual game is annoying to play. Because the levels are randomly generated it takes away the players' ability to know what with be coming next and will be able to prepare for that. This could be seen in a positive light with the player constantly being on their toes. I've decided not to take stars away for this since a linear game would only be suitable for my type of game play. Jio also jumps automatically which gets annoying quickly when I hit my head on an enemy I could not possibly see coming. Also some monsters seem completely unavoidable even if I'm not rushing through. Some of the jumps that need to be done seem to be impossible to make. I would jump from the edge of a platform to another on the other side of the screen missing by a hair. The lack of a checkpoint system is frustrating. I got the wind ability (I have no idea what it does) and fell off trying to use it. It would be nice to get a checkpoint or something after each new ability to make it a bit more forgiving. As a last final non-stardetracting point the mac cursor appears over the game cursor (why does this cursor appear in game as well as in the menu where it is used?)


cannot play it forever, sometimes there is too long way to reach to another platform.

Nice, but..

...controls are too stiff. If you have to jump to a platform on the other side, it won't make it.

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2011
5:09 AM EDT