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Random Music Generator

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This is one of my very first attempts at making a Flash video. A few months ago I bought about 6-7 Actionscript books (very hard to find a good text, by the way... I strongly recommend the Van der Spuy) and after a while started messing around making small programs like these for approaching music in a completely different way. All the notes were sampled from real instruments (the voices are mine, though raised a few pitches). I hope you enjoy!

And if you like this, you can find a few more like it as well as some more strange stuff on my website www.bensays.com



uuuhhh.... give me something to do! watching two balls is not fun and the music is horrible! oh god is it horrible!

Not bad

Nice idea, but this game need more sounds and maybe background

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In fact it is pretty good. I would recommend you to continue on with improving this!

Really cool

It reminds me of Elektroplankton!

Had to turn my sound off to write this

Would have been good without the annoying voices, which sound like duck queefs. Would have been really cool if you could move the bars around or change the speed/number of the balls or something so that it isn't so random and annoying.

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2.18 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2011
1:16 AM EDT
Gadgets - Musical