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Random Music Generator

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This is one of my very first attempts at making a Flash video. A few months ago I bought about 6-7 Actionscript books (very hard to find a good text, by the way... I strongly recommend the Van der Spuy) and after a while started messing around making small programs like these for approaching music in a completely different way. All the notes were sampled from real instruments (the voices are mine, though raised a few pitches). I hope you enjoy!

And if you like this, you can find a few more like it as well as some more strange stuff on my website www.bensays.com



Great concept, not-so-good execution.

I am a musician myself, and have always been fascinated with the idea of random music generators, especially physics-based ones.

This one is... interesting. It sounds very Avant-garde/atonal. I applaud your effort, but it just sounds uncomfortable to me. I would suggest using something like a pentatonic scale in the future. That way, you won't have any clashing notes no matter what.

Also, I expected this to be a bit more interactive. Being able to move the balls/triggers around would add some nice variety to this, in addition to allowing us to make our own "songs" like that. If you make something like this again in the future, try listening to it for a minute or two. If it sounds at least decent, you've done a good job.

A few tips in an easy-to-read format:
- Use a scale where all combinations of notes are consonant (major pentatonic or even regular major could work, for example.)
- Give us the ability to set the instrument, note, position, orientation, collision, etc. of each of the triggers and to add/delete them.
- Ability to move and throw around the balls would also be a good addition.

Sorry if all of this seems like too much to ask. I'm just throwing in my two cents' worth and trying to be constructive. Better luck next time.

Finnegan2100 responds:

Thanks for the ideas! Actually I've already made a pentatonic scale-based generator, but it sounds a bit too new agey and clean for my tastes (check it out if you want on www.bensays.com). This is actually my first time submitting something to Newgrounds and I just wanted to see how the whole shebang worked. I'll definitely submit a more consonant + INTERACTIVE version in the next few days, however. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!


Very Clever

This is a very clever idea, however, the execution of the idea could be improved upon greatly. For one thing none of the samples go together at all. It just sounds gross in any combination. Secondly it looks pretty boring with minimal colors and a white background. Lastly there is no interaction so this could hardly be called a game.

Overall though, I'm pretty curious to see which direction you choose to take this idea and if it spawns any other similar ones.

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Aug 27, 2011
1:16 AM EDT
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