Shakespeare Battle Game

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My English teacher wanted a presentation on the Shakespeare Authorship Controversy
wiki/Shakespeare_authorsh ip_question).
He got a Flash game.


Interesting game ...
I've seen worse, let's go with that! :)
You could and should've added some kind of music and/or sound effects. The idea was funny, I'll give you points for that.

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That was pretty much the lamest game I've ever played. It had bad graphics, bad coding, no sound, and took about 30 seconds to beat. That being said, it was pretty silly, so you can't really take it very seriously.

I love easy medals... This game was funky! Love playing peeka boo at the main menu. lol add some sound next time.

Not much

I think the weakest part about this was that it had no sound. I just wish there could have been some more effects to go along with the action. I did think you used a pretty interesting premise as there has been controversy over Shakespeare's authority. Then again, I have heard that's just conspiracy theories. I wish I could have recognized more of the icons he was fighting. I've always prided myself on knowing a lot about history.

Won't ruin the secret medal for everyone else, because I really shouldn't. It was basically just you clicking the same button over and over. When it got to Marlowe, it did get more complicated. I just wish there could have been some more detail into the background and again, music would make it more playable. At least I got both medals!

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But I still can't beat the damned Chris Marlowe-- and a hint for the secret medal, plz?

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NoLanLabs responds:

Look around on that main menu... Also, a tip for the final boss - don't hold your sword out all the time because, due to lazy/crappy coding, it counts as an extension of your body and you'll lose health. So you just have to wait when he pulls out the giant sword.

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3.25 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2011
10:59 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS