Robocube / Try Again

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"A robot finds himself locked in a nondescript room. Just before he gives up, he finds a pen that gives him the opportunity to try and break free."

I'm very excited about this cartoon, namely because it's my first Flash submission in FIVE years. Holy reality right? I plan to start my animation back up, now that it fits into my school schedule ever-so-nicely since this, itself, was a project that I did for a digital arts class at the University of Oregon. I sketched all the parts of the robot and his tools on a medium sized pad with a pen. After scanning and separating them for the page, I used Flash CS3 to animate the character and put it all together. It was created over the course of 12hrs.

I really hope you enjoy it, please leave me a review if you have the time - I love reading feedback.

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not bad but needs more colour

i found it amuzing and simple but i also found it dull and strange it couldhas some but but it was great keep it up.

Pretty cool

Have to say I found this interesting and the best part is the background was a real life place in this case being a cardboard box. The animation just seemed real simple as well although I guess drawing everything the robot did frame by frame with a pencil likely took awhile too. Very interesting piece of work though.

The animation was simple and the robot just wanted to get out as soon as it was forced in. It kept drawing things but nothing worked until it got annoyed and fired missiles everywhere opening the cardboard box at last. Very nice little piece though. The music kind of makes it feel weird.

Overall, nice hand-drawn piece.

Good, a little art-schoolish

Its always refreshing to see someone mix non-digital mediums with flash, and the very well designed, pencil-drawn robot looked great against the gray cardboard background. The head-spinning and the missile pack fun elements too.

Still, you can tell just by watching it that it was made for an art class. By that I mean to say that you cared more for the artistic medium than the character or the story: "Okay, we have a robot trying to escape a cardboard box. Oh look he's doing some funny things to try to get out. But why do I care? What's his story?".

Yeah, its unfair of me to expect that sort of thing, but you get where I am coming from right? Still, its worth an 8/10 to see pencil-drawn characters every once in a while.

Ben-the-Jew responds:

That's actually a completely fair observation to make. It really isn't all that entertaining outside of the context of appreciating the visuals now that I think about what you said. I was rushed (I always let deadlines creep up on me) to finish this project and totally let that blind me to some essential story-telling facets. I plum forgot to give the audience a reason to care about the robot and make the universe make sense.

I think maybe I could've reached you with some (or any, really) more set-up. Something like the paper-bot, slightly broken or maybe low on power, rummaging around a junk yard for parts and/or fuel. By chance he unearths the mysterious room. It appearing to consist of much more advanced tech than the junk, he enters hoping it'll provide him with what he seeks. Something like that maybe, haha.

Anyway, thank you for the thoughtful and helpful review. I took a lot away from it!

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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2011
9:45 PM EDT