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With this animation I strove to create a dark setting that was atmospheric and exciting. I had a lot of fun with the action scenes, and was able to explore my sci-fi ambitions. Enjoy!

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The last one of your animations I wrote a review for was Soul City, a flash animation that I perceived as being pretty damn near perfect. Watching this animation, it seems to me that you've gained a more mainstream and fluid art form while abandoning the compelling, enriched storyline that set your animation apart from so many other hopelessly predictable animations. I'm not saying this wasn't entertaining or well done. I'm just saying that I've seen you do better, and I personally am eager to see what else you are capable of.

Did you just jump the shark?

Because that was I thought for the second half of the flash, "Did he just jump the shark in one flash". I liked the first half of it though, how it was dark and moody felt liked this could be the start of a good story, but then action scenes just threw me of.

The flash seems Michael Bay-ish, building up a nice setting with interesting characters and just throw a bunch of action sequences in there because?(!)

Otherwise, well animated and the music fits well into all scenes whatever it is dark moody drama or high packed action.

Feels like...

... I've just watched two different flash movies, not just one.

Like others, I preferred the first part, specially since you didn't create yet another vampire story, this creature is something other, more like a demon from the depth below...

The second part was the action part, no doubt, and that one was well-executed, too. I personally don't like it that much since I'm not the biggest fan of high budget action flicks anyway, but that's my problem ;-)
Maybe you should consider to call the first part "Moonwalk" and the second something like "The Wrath" ? Just a thought.
The end surprised me in the best way, nice idea you got there!

All in all, this is absolutely worth a watch, and I would like to see more stories about this creature!

Rather Well Executed

I think this was a well thought out, well executed project. I liked the animation, and your mixing the action well with the music really made it worthwhile to watch. The only thing I could not understand was the buildup to the action scene, jumping from the night part all of a sudden to a huge boat that's run ashore type thing. I still liked it, and I wish you to be encouraged by this and continue to work on more movies and always keep in mind there's room for improvement. Great job!

The Beginning

I liked the story beginning, it was dark, rather mysterious. Then you threw action scenes for now reason. I feel like if you had kept with the mood of the beginning you could have had something truly amazing.

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3.62 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2011
2:04 PM EDT