A Sabtastic Sketchbook 2

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Author Comments

Simply click on the pages to flip them, and use the little tabs on the left-hand side to navigate start to finish.

There's a lot of random stuff in here: hot babes, pokemon, left 4 dead, a naked dude, easter eggs... etc!
As opposed to the first Sabtastic Sketchbook which had only 48 pictures in it, I've managed to cram in over 60 pieces of original artwork this time!

Also, I've hidden a ton of mouse-over / click-able easter eggs so make sure you keep an eye out!
There are about 20+
Hint to find some of them: Boobs.

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Damn penguin.

Smooth Trooper, Rape of Proserpina, Sad Blanka, Garurumon, Batt1eAnge1, Pretty Flowers, Lightning Rod, Kat & Mouse, Malevolent Mistress, Crack Mewtew, Myra, Power Rangers and the Starbucks Cards don't have drawn timespans.

Sabtastic responds:

Oh thanks for the heads up! At this point I don't think I even have the file to edit and repost so we'll just have to leave it as is.

Will make sure the next sketchbook has all its time spans though! P:

The best artist and art I have seen yet!

sabtastic sketchbook

i am such a big fan i love you'r work