How To Be A Winner

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Lately I've noticed that there aren't very many winners out there. I hope this animation can change that.

Everything you need to know is in the video, but some of you have a loser's patience, so I'll let you know here and now:
There's a little bonus at the end of the credits.

I'd say enjoy the animation, but you'll probably enjoy winning a whole lot more.



I thought that was quite amusing.

I hope I'm a winner!

And I hope you're a winner too!

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GristlyBear responds:

All of us are winners, but some of us are bigger winners than others.


He has a great sense of humor!

GristlyBear responds:

Thanks, have some internet.

thank you

That gave me the courage to finally walk into work and kick my manager square in the nads! I then exposed my self and scremed winner at the top of my voice! it was all worth the time in oldham police station you have changed my life for the better now your a winner in my book... now buy my book as your a winner in it £4.99 free p&p

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GristlyBear responds:

I'll pay for the postage too, but you gotta buy me a beer.


Well I got a good laugh from this anyways. It was completely simplistic but still very well done. I guess this is simply another joke guide to make you feel like a winner by listening to someone else. I am going straight to the first thing said here and noting I am a "winner" for whatever reason.

Your voice changing back and forth between normal and dramatic was also hilarious I think, very well done as well. The simplistic animating was also nice to see here as well.

Overall, hilarious and winners!!

GristlyBear responds:

This is no joke, winning is serious business. Also, I have no normal voice. Just what I suppose you would call "Dramatic" and "Very Dramatic".

I wasnt a winner.

i only play on newgrounds 32 hours a day man. the rest is porn and shit. also what am i if my pont things were negative?

GristlyBear responds:

Dang, keep working at it, I'm sure you'll be a winner someday. And there's a category for every real number result.


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Aug 25, 2011
9:53 PM EDT