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Army of Ages

rated 4.34 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Aug 25, 2011 | 2:40 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This game is memory heavy.
Old computer might have problems with it.
Build units and evolve your base to defeat your enemy! Control over 50 units and turrets and build the best army!

** Please read **
This game is sort of a sequel to age of war. However, its 100% re-drawn and 100% re-coded.

Arrow keys to move the camera
Space to select your base



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wat u thinking aliens?!

Lol Human of man vs Alien!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Too easy

Fun game, smooth animation, good looking units etc etc, my only complaint is that it's too easy!

I just beat the insane in 22 minutes my first try, beat hard mode 25 minutes my first try, with other defense strategy games I get my ass kicked a few times before I get a good strategy going on, but this I found it right away.

If you want a way to win very quickly, level up your units until it becomes a stalemate on the battlefield, with your water-gatherers at their highest speed & respawn and your other units with lower respawn rate, rack up a crap load of money (without leveling up!), then level up and buy all the 2nd tier units right away, rinse and repeat and you will destroy the enemy with no problems.

Great game, I also love the progression jumps of each level up, was really surprising and refreshing from the standard knights and such.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent Game, With Only a Few Problems

First off, I have to say that this is a very well made game. A lot of work obviously went into this and it shows, so good job. I really enjoyed the mechanical age units, the concept for the tall walker unit was really cool. There were only a few things that kept me from giving this a 10, because it was really well designed in all aspects, so don't let my nitpicking take away from how good this really is.

Like others have said the force scroll to the enemy base every time they had a new unit got to be very annoying quickly. Granted it was cool to see their base get upgraded, but it just took me away from the battle or building and hurt game play. Another thing was the fact that I never knew what level the enemy was at, granted something new just popped out of their base, but not knowing anything about their units or how many upgrades they had it didn't make any difference. Some sort of advancement bar to let the player know where they are in relation to the enemy would be nice also.

Again, like everyone else has said, killing all the units once you upgrade to a new age is just painful. I like that I at least got money back from everything that was gone, but having to start from scratch each upgrade just was something I really disliked. It just made the game seem to drag out at times, because all the progress you made would be nullified every time you upgraded, and you would have to start from scratch again. To keep with the flow of the game in which you have to pick and choose which upgrades you want, your best bet would be to leave the existing units on the field and just upgrade the base. This way the units just die off and they don't get upgraded into new units.

The music was great, but considering most games take like 20+ minutes, it began to wear on me after awhile. A few more tracks would of greatly helped the game. I had to mute mine the second time I played this because of the repetition.

The one thing that is so hard about these types of games is making all the units balanced, but you really did do a great job on that. The only problems I noticed were the red exploding bugs seemed a little too powerful, because they were always finding their way into my army line and killing people even when I was at the highest age. I also always felt that I always was at a disadvantage to their air units, an air only attack unit for the higher levels would of balanced that out a bit more.

I didn't really like the whole gathering water aspect of the game. I get that it gave you some extra money, but it would always take up too many units and just drag the game out. If you wanted to keep that function of the game make it so there is 1 person gathering water, but it's from the main base and you don't need to take up one of the 6 building spots for a little extra cash. Also, make it so the gathers don't count as military units, because they don't attack.

On the subject of not attacking, I've noticed that some of the melee units, specifically the Halberdier's, like to skip over ground units and just keep on walking till they die or find a certain type of unit they like to attack. I just watched 5 in a row bypass a 'Charger' unit to attack something behind it. Most of them don't make it that far though, they just kind of walk till they get slaughtered lol.

This is one of the better games I've played on newgrouds, I just feel that with a few tweaks it can be even better. Really good work on this one, and I look forward to the next.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ok now...

I give you 8, because of some flaws.
Some anoying bug eats away my save games.
No costum game.
No alien side option.
Short gameplay - less than 30 minutes on insane.
And mostly - it is way to addictive....

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


i must say: