Army of Ages

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This game is memory heavy.
Old computer might have problems with it.
Build units and evolve your base to defeat your enemy! Control over 50 units and turrets and build the best army!

** Please read **
This game is sort of a sequel to age of war. However, its 100% re-drawn and 100% re-coded.

Arrow keys to move the camera
Space to select your base


awesome game had a lot of fun wish you could play as the aliens tho

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mine is old but it didnt have any problems

i like it its nice but i think age of war/2 is better not offending

you should be able to build more than one of each building. there is no element of strategy when you basically have to get all of the units in order to compete, especially when some of the units are OP, while others seem useless.
all of my buildings disappear when i upgrade to the next age, too? that's just outrageous, man... besides the fact that it makes 0 sense, i lose as soon as i upgrade because the alien units do not suffer the same disadvantage. this is severely imbalanced and many aspects of the game just dont make any sense...
i cant restart a level without quitting the game and re loading from the tutorial, either. that makes no sense.

(additional comments after retrying 3-4 times...)
honestly, the upgrade thing is a complete game breaker. this is clearly a good game, and i was gonna give it 3 and a half despite the obvious issues, but this is just stupid. i have to give you 2 stars now, and its honestly because you clearly didnt put in the effort to make a finished product. did you even beta test this?? the only way i make any progress is if i dont upgrade to the next age at all, and that makes the game last for fucking hours/ the aliens advance to a point where i just cant keep up.
how am i supposed to continue gathering resources when the enemy immediately advances to my base as soon as i upgrade? you could at least leave the turrets there...

has anyone even beaten this game? how does this have a decent rating? this is just ridiculous, man... i like a lot of your other games, but this is an utter disappointment, and its incredibly sad that you would develop it to this point only to release it in an unfinished and imbalanced state.... i really tried to give this a chance, but come on...

es una caca

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4.34 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2011
2:40 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)