Army of Ages

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This game is memory heavy.
Old computer might have problems with it.
Build units and evolve your base to defeat your enemy! Control over 50 units and turrets and build the best army!

** Please read **
This game is sort of a sequel to age of war. However, its 100% re-drawn and 100% re-coded.

Arrow keys to move the camera
Space to select your base

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This game is old
i download it before
(play) ... nothing

Seems to be glitching out a bit. I keep pressing play and nothing happens.

This was a pretty neat game, I really like it's twist on the Age of War series, but I think I liked the later a bit better.
I like how there are now like bunch of buildings that you can add on your base, and the fights seem more interesting as well.

My complains are the fact that you lose <everything> that you worked so hard for ( which was mentioned here, like, 200 times already), the fact, how little control you actually have over your units and also the missing sounds for the troops and stuff.

Not a complete fail, some points are really good in this game, but it's really barely any better than that masterpiece of a franchise that "Age of War" was.
Still, good attempt on trying something different

Technically Army of Ages is an extremely well made game, however it is unfortunately a mess when it comes to actual design. Balance is borderline non-existent in this game. Rain of arrows is consistently the most useful ability as it is the only one that damages air units.

When you advance to the next age, everything you have disappears, which is just plain dumb.

Even the aesthetics are less interesting when you get to the future age. Age of War 1 had somewhat silly, but also somewhat imtimidating looking forces with a red and black colour scheme. Age of War 2 had a much better looking future age with a techno-organic look to it. Army of Ages however has a generic anime-ish look. I get that you need to make it distinct from the aliens, but still, it's less cool.

Finally, you can't play as the aliens, which is another disappointment.

As nice as the game looks in comparison to the embarrassment that is Age of War 2, it still plays just as terribly as AoW 2. I want to like this, but it's just so terribly designed that it's really hard to like it. I started playing on Hard mode and thought that dang, it's stupidly easy. Bone turrets shred through enemies while water people farm money. No problem, right? Wrong. If you advance ages, everything you have disappears and is sold, which is stupid, and to make matters even worse the turrets of all ages past the starting one are utter trash. Water getters are rendered irrelevant after you decide to advance from the first age because from then on you NEED to have constant combat units or you'll die by the enemies stacking up absurd amounts of units since THEY don't have a 30 unit cap, and the way I won was to advance to the Military age only to learn that the special ability of it is garbage and the way to victory was to just use 16,000 exp worth of Arrow Rains to kill the billion flying enemies that had stacked up on top of each other to one-hit all my forces, and then it was a piece of cake just spamming arrow rain on the enemy base to cover any units spawning while my 30 units killed them. But is that really strategy at all? It's holding tight in the first age until you stockpile a ton of money and exp, Then advancing to the military age and ignoring the glorious turrets of days past and just making a billion squishy units to hold out until you upgrade them, then spamming all your exp to kill those stockpiled enemies to finally reach the base and win. Maybe if there were some element of legitimate strategy that could possibly be implemented then this could be recovered, but as it stands... It's kinda trash. I'd recommend playtesting these games with strategies from the first AoW and realize how OP the strategies remain. Use a good turret from first age and stay in first age to dominate for a while, then advance all at once and win. Same thing here. It would be nice to see a new strategy required to win, which is the mistake I made upon starting this game.

Please, please, PLEASE balance your games in the future so it's not a stupid strategy required to win like the one I used. Winning should require strategy, not blind farming and spamming.

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2011
2:40 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)